Comment from: seret [Visitor]

Although they had the Men's size in stock, my husband prefered the Women's KSOs. He has narrow feet. So the oppisite can be true for Kristi. Try the Men's! They look the same, except when it comes to color in different styles. Right now, my husband and I now have matching blue KSO Ninja Feet!

05/20/09 @ 14:30
Comment from: Tracy [Visitor]

My feet are just a tad over 10" and I the Classic women's 42 fits me perfectly. (I wear a women's size 10 in my other street shoes and running shoes.) I also have a wide - although not overly so - foot and the women's fit is fine.

05/21/09 @ 18:04
Comment from: Danny Millard [Visitor]  
Danny Millard

Actually, I have wide feet and I am apparently out of luck. The width and length of the sole is just fine, but the Velcro strap over the top won't stretch far enough to close, and the stretchable band at the top of the shoe (where the ankle meets material) won't stretch far enough - cutting off circulation.
I called Summit Hut, where I purchased them, and they said that there is really no alternative for people with wide feet. I purchased the size 41 KSO shoe. Has ANYONE had this experience?

01/27/10 @ 06:45
Comment from: Bobby Black [Visitor]
Bobby Black

Me and my GF went into REI today to see how she would do in the KSO VFF's, she has Mortons Toe, but not slightly. But she does have wide feet and said the mens were more comfortable then the mens.

10/27/10 @ 21:48

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