Steve emailed me about a video he recently put together that shows off a couple pairs of KSO Five Fingers as they trek up the Incline, a stepped and steep hike in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Here’s the video:

I asked Steve if he could tell me a bit more about the Incline as well as how he primarily uses his VFFs. Here’s what he had to say:

We use our VFF KSOs for almost all of our outdoor activities: running, hiking, climbing, and fine dining (ha-ha).

The Incline is an intense “hike” that takes you straight up the side of a mountain in Colorado with approx. 3,000 railroad ties embedded on the trail as steps. Wearing our KSOs made this grueling trek easier and more interesting as they gave us a better sense of the ground we were travelling over, plus anything that takes off weight is a huge bonus on this trail!


Thanks for sharing, Steve! And fancy footwork on those steep steps!