Comment from: Tyson L. [Visitor]
Tyson L.

Congrats! Awesome Race! Awesome Finish! Awesome VFFs!

05/25/10 @ 12:15
Comment from: Patrick [Visitor]

Crazy terrain. That would be fun to run if it wasn't so grueling. Cool story. Thanks!

05/25/10 @ 15:55
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]  

Wait, Trek Sports? I'm assuming that they are only available in non-US countries, correct? They aren't due here in the US until this fall right? I tried my Bikilas again and loosened the straps up, but I still got the joint pain on the top of my left foot. I think I made need to give them a good washing and put them on eBay . . . only 10 miles running and a couple of days of walking around . . .

If I can, I would LOVE to get my feet in a pair of Trek Sports, even if I have to order them from Australia . . .

05/26/10 @ 14:18

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