Running In Off Road Crocs™

Running In Off Road Crocs™

I’ve personally witnessed firsthand over the last two years a marathon runner, Alexander Pachev, race the Rocket City Marathon in my home town in a pair of Crocs™. Alexander not only raced in Crocs™ he raced very fast! A brief inspection of his running log shows that he’s run several marathons in the 2:35-2:45 range in Crocs™!

Altra Instinct 1.5 Review

In short the Instinct 1.5 is a nice upgrade to the original Instinct. If you liked the original Instinct you’ll love the new 1.5 even more. The overall fit is superb and my toes have never been happier having plenty of room to splay!

Skechers Go Bionic Review

In my review of the Skechers GO Run Ride (include link) I likened the overall feel as being a marriage between the Saucony Kinvara and the Nike Free. This time around there is no marriage of shoes, the Skechers GO Bionic is a breed apart though if I had…

Saucony Kinvara 2 Running Shoes Review

We understand that the Saucony Kinvara 2™ has been out for quite a while and as of this writing the Kinvara 3™ has just recently hit the stores. Actually, due to the release of the Kinvara 3, you can pick up the Kinvara 2 on the cheap right now.


Skechers GO Run Ride Review

If I had to compare the Skechers GO Run Ride™ to another shoe of my recent experience, I’d say it’s very much like the marriage between the Saucony Kinvara2™ and the Nike Free™. It’s like the Kinvara2 in terms of low heel-to-toe drop (4mm),…

Altra Provision Running Shoe Review

“Modeled after The Instinct™ platform, The Provision™ adds a firmer midsole and a removable varus stability wedge to assist men with fallen arches, excessive overpronation and knock knees. Built for moderate and high overpronation, the Zero Dr…

The Unshoes Pah Tempe is a minimalist sandal that utilizes a unique webbing design to secure the ultra thin Vibram rubber sole to your foot.

Unshoes Pah Tempe Review

If you’ve been around ultra-minimalist running and walking for a while you’ve probably seen more than most of the huaraches available these days typically involve a strap that runs between your big toe and its neighbor.

A zero-dropped running shoe with an anatomically correct, upsized toe box, the Altra Instinct is a formidable running shoe, albeit not the most minimalist shoe around.

Altra Instinct Review

Introducing the Altra Instinct, the first shoe to truly marry the form-improving benefits like a zero-drop sole of the minimalist/barefoot running shoe with the comfort, cushioning and support of a traditional running shoe.

Altra Lone Peak Review

“Blending cushioned protection with the benefits of barefoot freedom, Altra footwear is designed to reduce injury and promote proper technique for the most natural run. Every shoe features Zero Drop™ and a foot-shaped, gender-specific design so everyone…