Ben sent in the above photos snapped in the Forbidden City (Beijing, China). Ben was travelling through and went on a six mile walk from his hotel to Tiananmen Square.

I noticed a bit of wear on Ben’s KSOs, so I asked him what he’d been doing in them — turns out, a bit of everything:

About of year’s worth of constant wear; little tear on the left pinky, seam rip on the right big toe … Still going strong. Bought them last October and I’ve been running and working out (Martial Arts, Weight Lifting, CrossFit-type stuff) with them ever since.

I travel a lot for work, which is why I was in Beijing. I had a few hours to kill and though I’d like to see the world’s largest public square; I did think it was a little closer to the hotel though …

It’s tough to travel light and bring an extra pair of shoes with size 13 feet, but the 5 Fingers pack up so nicely.

I always get some weird looks, but I’m always telling people I don’t care what they do, what kind of exercise or sports they do, they got to get a pair.

Thanks for sharing, Ben!