Vibram Five Fingers Bikila [Barefoot] Running Shoe

The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila (released April 2010) is the first toe shoe designed specifically for running (Jump to posts on the Bikila below!). Like other Vibram Five Fingers models, the Bikila has five separated toe compartments that allow the foot to splay on contact with the ground.

The Five Fingers Bikila has no arch support and a minimal amount of cushioning or padding — it is slightly thicker than the Classic and Sprint which have zero insole, and the KSO, which has a 2mm insole: the Bikila has a 3mm insole. In the minimalist running shoe world, the Bikila is the "barefoot" running shoe to beat and if you're looking for a pair of VFFs to run in, the Bikila is worth serious consideration.

Model specifics

Here are the technical specifications of the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila straight from Vibram:

Built on an entirely new platform, the Bikila features a Dri-Lex® covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickest under the ball) and a 4mm anatomical pod outsole design that offers more plating protection, and distributes forefoot impact without compromising important ground feedback essential to a proper forefoot strike running form. A more athletic padded collar and topline, a single hook and loop closure, 3M reflective surfaces, and tear resistant TPU toe protection finish off this breakthrough design.

The standout features of the Bikila include:

  • The heel cup, which makes your heel feel less bound and takes pressure off your Achilles tendon.
  • The interior is lined and has fewer blister-causing seams (As compared specifically to the KSO).
  • The Bikila has a more shoe-like look with a larger opening at the top and overall more "nice" looking materials including reflective material and a solid feeling strap material.

Sizing and fit

If you've never sized your foot for wearing Vibram Five Fingers, here is the Vibram sizing chart (image). The Bikila seems to fit somewhere between the same size of KSO and Classic. So a 43 Bikila would feel slightly larger than a 43 Classic and slightly smaller than a 43 KSO. Generally, it is better to size up if you're in between sizes — you don't want your toes bending out of lack of room! Also, the Bikila can fit more snugly over the top of your foot compared to open-topped models like the Classic or Sprint, so if you have particularly high arches or "high feet" the Bikila may not fit properly.

Read (and see!) more about the Five Fingers Bikila via these reviews:

Okay, I want some Bikilas. How much are they? Where can I get them?

The Bikila retails for right about $100 and can typically be purchased with free shipping from most online retailers. Find the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila in stock via the Store or subscribe by email to inventory alerts.

Looking for something else? Try one of these other Vibram Five Fingers models:

Of course, there are other barefoot shoes worth checking out!

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