Comment from: Dewey [Visitor]

Thanks for the great review! I have considered these shoes several times because I like VBF, but I wondered if the aggressive tread felt distracting when using them strictly for non-trail wear. I that something that you noticed?

04/26/13 @ 07:41
Comment from: dan [Visitor]

i've run quite a bit on grass and asphalt, and i hardly noticed the tread was there. lol, the only place i've noticed the tread is on carpet where you can kind of feel that extra grip around the house.

04/27/13 @ 10:56
Comment from: Will [Visitor]

I've had a pair of these for over a year now. They're great trail shoes and were my first pair of minimalist shoes. The traction on trails is phenomenal, even in the "mud season" we get in New England this time of year.
I agree about the too low complaints, but for a different reason. First off, I don't wear socks with them, and I have removed the insole. The problem I have is that I tend to get stuff like pine-needles and twigs inside the cuff. Even worse when I wear them in snow of course.
The aggressive tread does feel a bit "squirmy" when worn on pavement, and it's even worse (for me) on a treadmill (which I try to avoid anyway).
All in all, great shoe for their intended purpose.

04/27/13 @ 17:25
Comment from: Angela [Visitor]

My major concern with the Breatho is the durability of the tread when worn off the trail. I had a pair and love the fit, but the lugs wore out really quickly walking streets/sidewalks. I am now making the difficult decision of whether to switch to another style for better road-wear (evo ii? one? stealth?). Any thoughts on the issue?

02/17/14 @ 03:51

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