Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

Boot to me says cold weather, and separated toes are inherently not a good design for that purpose. But they'd probably be too hot for the summer. And they're certainly not good for running/exercise. So... for mild-to-cool weather casual wear, then? Vibram is getting awfully specific with these new models.

08/26/11 @ 13:42
Comment from: August Kryger [Visitor]
August Kryger

I'm not seeing how you claim the stickers... it just says, "Here's how to claim your sticker:"

Am I missing something?


08/26/11 @ 14:00
Comment from: [Member]

I think the HTML was screwed up -- can you see the instructions now?

08/26/11 @ 14:27
Comment from: Erica [Visitor]

When are the women's coming out?

08/26/11 @ 14:29
Comment from: Keith Seckel [Visitor]
Keith Seckel

Thanks for the "in action" shots. I am looking forward to the Sorrentos becoming avaiolable as they will leikley cost less than the Bormios, but will work well in my office environment.

08/26/11 @ 14:40
Comment from: Brittany [Visitor]

Please say there is a women's version coming out soon!!

08/26/11 @ 16:10
Comment from: Ramon [Visitor]

So what if we did go through the link but we didn't buy the Bormio? I bought a pair of Bikila's to run in, since I don't want to run in the Speed I have. Can we still get the stickers?

08/27/11 @ 01:09
Comment from: Akooser [Visitor]

I'm chiming in, too-- anyone know if a women's Bormio is coming out?

08/27/11 @ 22:57
Comment from: Rtalian [Visitor]

These look awesome! I have been waiting for new VFF boots since they discontinued the Surge. I was ready to pounce on an order button (looking forward to the sticker for my car, too), but Travel Country does not have them in 38. Do you know when they will or if anyone else has them in size 38? Thank you. Your site has been very helpful.

08/28/11 @ 05:06
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]

Shoot them an emaill they were very fast and knowledgeable when I emailed them. They also shipped mine on Saturday which was impressive.

08/28/11 @ 11:10
Comment from: vff fan [Visitor]
vff fan

I love the look on this new model,
I found [the European Vibram 2012 catalog] with women boots, hope it is the US catalog. If anyone knows, please post something on them.

08/28/11 @ 12:51
Comment from: Yeti [Visitor]

Hi Rich, I agree with your comment. To me treks are too cold on the toes for wintertime, specially below 5 Celsius. Same think will happen with this boots, due to the toepockets (no mitten effect) and thin sole. If wearing long trousers the boot will not be noticeable, so I would better get the trek LS and save some money.

08/30/11 @ 06:56
Comment from: rks [Visitor]

Unfortunately after trying them on at the local sport store, my feet are too tall an arch for the boot. Could barely get the zippers up, then painful to walk in. Too bad, was really looking forward to them. Hope they come out with a lace up version.

08/30/11 @ 16:27
Comment from: schlingel [Visitor]

I am wondering if they are somewhat watertight?
Here over in good ol' Europe, cold weather mostly comes with rain or snow, so non-tight boots wouldn't make any sense.

08/31/11 @ 15:36
Comment from: Daniel H. [Visitor]
Daniel H.

I think that the bormio are a very specific type of shoe for a very small market at a very high price, I would have to agree with Keith and wait for the Sorrentos.

09/08/11 @ 20:58
Comment from: Palm Bear [Visitor]  
Palm Bear

I agree with Schlingel as I'm from the Netherlands and would also very much like to know how much these are actually usable in the rain. When I step into a small puddle of water just inches high with my Speeds, my toes get wet instantly. I need to know if the Bormio's have a little more water protection and how much it'll take for the water to actually soak through to your socks / toes.

Also, where can I order these to ship to the Netherlands? TravelCountry only ships to the US and on the Vibram site they don't list the Bormio yet under the european section.

I'd love to be able to wear these every day and if possible even to work, but they'd have to be a lot more water repellant then my Speeds.

09/14/11 @ 05:54
Comment from: åsa Nylén [Visitor]
åsa Nylén

why is it always only for men ore people with big feat?

09/21/11 @ 04:54
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]

Please tell me these aren't coming out in women's sizes, ever!

I would think that they don't make these in women's sizes
for the same reason they don't make stiletto pumps in men's.

These are arguably the most masculine of all VFFs to date,
and there's *still* a chorus of women here who want them.

Geez, ladies- could you please let us have SOMETHING for ourselves?
You already have Jaya, Jaya LR, Performa Jane, and even more exclusives coming out in the future,
despite the fact the majority of VFFs are worn by men.

You girls can have these if we can have the Jaya and Jaya LR :-P (and those already look more unisex, too!)

09/26/11 @ 05:57
Comment from: Andrea [Visitor]

I think the boots are a fantastic idea and I plan on wearing mine whenever the snow is more than ankle deep! And as far as warmth, I wore my KSOs last winter, all winter without socks I might add. I even shoveled snow when I was wearing them. FiveFingers are absolutely revolutionary. So my feet got a little wet but once I was inside again, they were dry in no time! And for the new Bormios, I plan on wearing them to do everything from casual wear, to school, to hiking, to running. Its all about keeping my feet happy!

10/06/11 @ 11:31
Comment from: someone [Visitor]

they really need to come out with some womens because i really want me a pair. they would be great for me going to school in the winter time, then i won't have to worry about buying boots.

10/07/11 @ 17:53
Comment from: George H [Visitor]
George H

Having a rough time finding black Bormios in size 46. Found some but they were on a site that is on the counterfeit list. I'll continue to hunt on sites listed on your "where to buy" section.

03/06/12 @ 05:32
Comment from: Steph [Visitor]  

Justin - I really appreciate the reviews you've put up, and the space you've created for people to share about awesome footwear. I enjoy my Bikila LS and more recent purchase of Treksport. Apart from barefoot, my feet are happiest in Five Fingers!

I've been thinking of getting a pair of the Bormio since I saw this review a number of months ago. I had little success finding a place in Canada that sells them. I wanted to try them on, but I wasn't able to and now they're off the Five Finger site. Any suggestions on where I can find a pair online and preferably a site that will ship to Canada without astronomical fees?

Many thanks!

10/23/12 @ 22:24
Comment from: [Member]


I'm afraid they are pretty much impossible to find nowadays -- stock has run about just about everywhere :( Wish I had better news!

10/24/12 @ 11:14

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