The wait is over: zip-up toe boots — a.k.a. Bormio Vibram FiveFingers — are available for purchase at Travel Country! What more, if you “click through” and buy today through September 30, 2011 (midnight), you’re eligible for a bonus bit of BirthdayShoes swag (see below for how this works but the gist is you have to click to TravelCountry via one of the links below and then send me your order number)!

I’ve reviewed the Bormio FiveFingers at length thanks to having had a pair to play with over the past few months. Here’s my conclusion:

The Bormio FiveFingers are clearly aimed at a very niche fan of toe shoes who want to go almost-barefoot outside the gym, maybe in the workforce, and definitely in more casual atmospheres. Is that you? Want to wear VFFs that are a bit more sophisticated, push the boundaries of fashion, and encourage even more questions from curious onlookers? Want to boldly go where few have ventured outside the realms of Milan, Italy? Then, the Bormio is for you. It’s also for you if you want a warmer option of toe shoes for cooler climates. I like mine well enough and outside of wearing them a good deal lately for this review, will be wearing them more as Fall (and then Winter) arrive.

They aren’t cheap though — MSRP is $160, so prepare to drop a coin or two if you want a pair. And as for sizing, I’d put the fit as close to the KSO Trek, if not a hair roomier. My versions are pre-production, so sizing might vary for the final product. I’d expect to stay in a size 43 though (which is what I wear across the entire line).

a few photos from the review

Travel Country has the Bormio FiveFingers in both black and brown for $159.95 in sizes 40-47 (men’s). And yeah, they ship free. Like I noted about sizing, I’m the same size Bormio as KSO Trek, Trek LS, Speed, etc. Though I’d say the Bormio (and other Trek varietal Vibrams) all size a little larger (exception: TrekSport) than VFFs that are Bikila-soled (Bikila, Bikila LS, Speed). Here is the full sizing chart for the Bormio straight from (click to enlarge):

If you’re going to drop the $160 on a pair of Bormio FiveFingers, I also recommend picking up one or two pairs of the Injinji Performance toe socks. They cost $10/pair which ain’t cheap, but having one or two pairs on hand (er … nevermind) is useful. There are two versions of the Injinji Performance that I recommend for the Bormio both of which are ankle height or higher — the mini crew or the crew. Either one works with Bormio VFFs, it’s just that the crew will extend past the top of the Bormio ankle whereas the mini will rise to the top of the Bormio and no higher. These Injinjis are the new “micro liner” style toe socks and they are much, much better/more comfortable than the originals, which I honestly didn’t care much for wearing (See Britt’s review of the no-show Injinji performance toe socks). You can pick up mini Injinji performance/micro crews here and full height performance Injinji crews here.

If you missed this the first time around, the Trek LS FiveFingers are out, too. You can grab them at Travel Country for $139.95 and round out your Fall toe shoe collection while you’re at it.

A pair of boot cut jeans (cut further on the sides) worn with the Trek LS Vibrams makes for a rugged, toe shod look, don’t you think?

Limited Time Bonus!

If you buy a pair of FiveFingers Trek LS or Bormio FiveFingers from TravelCountry today (August 26) through end of September (Sept. 30) by clicking through from one of these links on this post, I will send you one of the classic BirthdayShoes stickers plus a yet-to-be-released new version of the BirthdayShoes sticker that is literally nothing more than the BirthdayShoes “5/foot” logo (sneak peak). Here’s how to claim your sticker:

  • Click through to buy the Trek LS or Bormio from TravelCountry using one of the above links (Trek LS link | Bormio link).
  • Make a purchase!
  • Drop me an email (send to: justin at with your order number (It’s a seven digit number) and your mailing address.
  • As soon as I see your order ship, I’ll throw your two stickers in an envelope and drop them in the mail the next day!

I know a couple stickers isn’t much, but your orders help support this community and what better way to say “thanks” than via vinyl stickers?

So go pick up a pair of Bormio or Trek LS now! And once you get them on your feet, start letting me know what you think!

P.S. I’ll be switching out the classic BDS stickers with the new versions in the next week or so!