Cody wrote in to tell me about his recent experience testing out his Vibram FiveFingers Sprints for Ultimate Frisbee. Here’s what he had to report:

Sunday I played my first game of ultimate in a few months. I have been coaching cross country and transitioned to running exclusivly in my FiveFinger Sprints. Throughout the week I was looking forward to my minimal shoe debut in my favorite sport.

First point we received the pull. 6’5″ Mike (and very fast to boot) was covering me. I slowed to get him off balance and then hopped up on my newly enhanced toes and burned him for a deep enzone catch.

VFFs: 1 — Tall fast dude: 0

Unfortunatly as you might guess the Sprints couldn’t hang with cutting on the defensive side of things. I could keep up and stop the long routes but no good covering handlers.

After the first few points I switched to my adidas football cleats and promptly cleated myself in my heavyfooted clumsiness.

As great as VFFs are, it’s not surprising that they don’t quite lock you into the earth like cleats. As for the idea I’m sure you’re all contemplating — cleated VFFs — I’m guessing they’d be just about impossible due to the rigidity required to make cleats function like tacks.

Thanks for the field testing, Cody!