Comment from: Danny Boy [Visitor]  
Danny Boy

New to the Vibram Five Fingers scene but I have embraced it whole heartly. Recently purchased my second pair of KSO's, first order I made was too one of those companies listed above. Found out too late they where bs. Received 2nd pair and fell in love with them. I now have 4 pairs and I don't think I will ever wear another shoe except when I ride. Anyway, after 1 month I received the shoes I ordered from the China. They seemed like combat boots compaired to the pair of KSO's I was already wearing. Anyway, all I can say is just research anything you purchase on the internet. Love live Five Fingers!!!!

06/03/10 @ 20:07
Comment from: seret [Visitor]

Bermuda!!! How fun. What a way to rock classy VFFs. They look great thanks for sharing. Awesome that your GF likes them too!

06/03/10 @ 20:08

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