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Dave’s Classic FiveFingers

I received the above photos from Dave showcasing his Nike Air Rifts, green/yellow Classic fivefinger

Don’t adjust your screen, those peculiarly-colored Vibram Classic fivefingers really are that green and yellow.

I received the above photos from Dave (a.k.a. vfftriathlete) showcasing his Nike Air Rifts, green/yellow Classic fivefingers, and grey/orange Classic VFFs. The green and yellow color combination is one I’ve never seen from Vibram.

I asked Dave what he’d been using his VFFs for, and wanted to know more about the green and yellow Classics and the Nike Air Rifts, specifically. Here’s what Dave had to say:


Done a little running in the classics not a great deal, spent most of the time hanging out in them in pub restaurants hotels etc when working away. Also used them exclusively at the gym—can’t remember the last time I wore sneakers to the gym. Now use them for general slip into to go outdoors and general day to day wear. Now my half marathon is out of the way I do intend to up my running in vff’s either classics or kso’s.

I haven’t got the green and yellow ones anymore so can’t tell you the exact combo. They didn’t fit to well so I gave them to a friend to get him into vibrams. Finally the nikes are nike air rift split toe sneakers and before the vibrams along with aquasocks (watershoes) where the most minimalist sneakers I had.



Enjoy extending your VFF use to running, Dave!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

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where did you get the yellow vibrams? i can’t find them anywhere. I have the khaki classics but need some more. Your help would be appretiated, thanks

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