Here’s what Derik has to say about his newly acquired Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks and Flows:

My first pair of VFF’s! I received them in the mail about 3 weeks ago and was anxious to hit the gym and treadmill with them. I searched everywhere here in Omaha, Nebraska to find a place that had my style and size in stock. I even called many stores in Texas so my parents could pick them up and bring them to me when they came up to visit. Luckily I found these in Lincoln, Nebraska and had them sent up to Omaha.

I have enjoyed everything about them and will not go back to normal shoes during any of my training sessions. There is something wonderful about training in my VFF’s! I enjoyed them so much that I had to look for another pair that I could use during my everyday normal activities … including during work at the office.

I added the KSO Trek to my collection last weekend and have worn them everyday to work. This pic was taken on a casual dress day but I have worn them with my slacks and enjoy getting the weird looks and questions that follow. I have worn these barefoot but lately been going with injinji socks since its negative degrees outside here. The added traction of the trek helps a ton when going to the store or checking my mail. The flows didnt do much for walking on ice and I almost lost it a few times.

Thanks for the user review, Derik! That extra traction from the KSO Treks definitely helps on icy sidewalks and streets. Just this past weekend I had a chance to test my Flows on snow and frozen icy sidewalks; they handled fine though my toes got pretty cold!

Anyway, glad you’re enjoying your FiveFingers so much, Derik! Once it warms up a bit, you may need to pick up a pair of standard KSOs or Classics! Seems you can’t have too many pairs of Vibrams.