Comment from: genesis [Visitor]

interesting. pretty cool though that he can wear them to work. if i ever get my feet on a pair I'll have to see if I can get away with it at work.

02/15/10 @ 11:23
Comment from: Jeremy [Visitor]

Nice to see the ff at the office. I always enjoy the conversation ff can bring up. I wear mine on the college campus, and people stop me almost every day to ask me about them. Also nice to see the Flows out and about. Keep up the FF love!!!

02/17/10 @ 11:06
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor]  

I must say I really enjoy my FF KSO Treks. Slap on a pair of wool Injinji socks and away I go on the trails. They really help giving just that little extra bit of protection when running on the trails.

I am also able to wear mine to work, and switch between the black KSO and now my KSO Trek.

02/19/10 @ 11:43
Comment from: orochi (kof) [Visitor]
orochi (kof)

would you recommend the 5-finger shoe kso, for everyday activity?

05/21/10 @ 12:05
Comment from: boo [Visitor]

I am a chef who works 16 hour days sometimes, i really like the idea of VFF's but was hesitant to buy them for the kitchen. anyone know of any chefs that wear these??

02/27/11 @ 23:34

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