Above is Erik, having an extraordinarily fun time on the playground in his black Five Finger KSOs. Here’s what Erik had to say:


I really enjoy your website and forum, as I’ve used it from the sizing guide (prior to getting my vffs) and ever since I’ve received them I’ve been checking in to see what’s new. I figured I’d send some pics because I am enjoying my Vibram KSO’s to the point where the use of conventional shoes (at work) has become a chore.

My wife took these pictures at the park near our house in Virginia Beach on an unseasonably warm day last weekend. Since I’ve gotten my VFF KSO’s a month ago, I havent had many chances to use them outside the gym. We took our daughters to play, but I probably had more fun.

Thanks again,

It’s a common saying that VFFs make you feel like a kid again — way to prove the point!