Comment from: Mathew [Visitor]

I don't have one...but I am about to order one! Thanks Justin!

09/16/13 @ 11:42
Comment from: Aaron R. [Visitor]
Aaron R.

These look really interesting - especially the semi-formed footbed. I wonder how they do that.

Anyway, how are the buckles at holding the straps in place? The one complaint most huarache wearers (such as myself) seem to have is with slippage. Even with the updates to the ATS lacing system, my Lunas still slip a bit and need to be adjusted from time to time during runs.

I would also be interested in seeing if Exodus plans to work with any other soling materials. I like the feel and fit of Xero Shoes, but I can't deny the plush feeling of my Lunas. If Exodus was to add a more cushy material to their line-up, I would be very interested. Heck, I might just give these a try anyway.

Thanks for the great review.

09/16/13 @ 17:26
Comment from: Ryan from EXODUS [Visitor]
Ryan from EXODUS

Thanks for in depth review on your XO's! Glad you are enjoying them so far.

As for the thicker sole options, we are testing three different materials as we speak to see which is preferred but they are definitely on the short list.

Let us know if we can help out in any way!



09/16/13 @ 19:42
Comment from: Ron [Visitor]

I live in Germany and here are not many sources of this kind of footwear. Last year I spent a few weeks of vacation in the US and ordered a pair of Lunas in advance to one of my first stops. I broke them in traveling four weeks through California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. After a few months pause due to cold weather I wore them through the whole summer this year almost exclusively. I truly love them.

Planing another vacation in Florida this fall I considered buying another different pair of lunas. Now your review of the Exodus comes into play. I'm really impressed! Probably will order a pair of these to my first stop so I can wear them immediately and give them a try. It seems they eliminate the few faults the Lunas have. I sometimes trip over the floppy front and wished they would stick a bit closer to the feet.

Anyway, thank you very much for this fantastic and detailed review! Ryan's going to get another customer soon.

09/17/13 @ 10:46
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]

These sound like a great pair of sandals with niche of their own. I have a pair of Xero huaraches. I like them, but have issues with slippage. The straps loosen at points and the rubber sole flops around on my feet as a result. I've worked hard at trying different tying techniques, which has helped some, but not eliminated the problem. I still like wearing them. I would love to have something like my huarches but without these problems. Definitely fun to wear in the rain! Makes running through puddles a lot of fun.

09/17/13 @ 15:19
Comment from: Ryan from EXODUS [Visitor]
Ryan from EXODUS

@Aaron - thanks for the kind words and the interest. I can assure you we are working hard on other soling options as well. I am away on business this week (Europe) and have brought with me three proto pairs of XO's, two of which are 8mm Vibram options. I like them both but one in particular is giving me what I am looking for in a thicker option, it seems. Let us know if you have any questions...

@Ron - drop me a line (info [at] am traveling on business second week of October to Florida and may be able to hand deliver them for you if that helps...let us know.

Thanks again!


09/17/13 @ 18:07
Comment from: [Member]

These are very much like the Unshoes Pah Tempe which I've reviewed on this site and continue to wear to this day; have had them for well over a year now. I like the idea of pre-bending the sole for immediate comfort and zero break in time. As you probably are aware, the soles of all huaraches eventually break in this same way with characteristic concave bend. The Pah Tempe were the same way; after just a couple weeks of use (more or less) there was definite concavity to the sole and my foot had sort of "molded" to the sole. It's a good thing that this concave bending occurs otherwise there would be significant wear on the underside of the sole where the webbing connects. These EXODUS sandals are indeed intriguing with the big toe loop as an additional way to avoid slippage. Thus far I've had pretty good luck with the Pah Tempe: mostly walking and hiking but with some running. Not much slippage experienced even w/o a toe loop.

09/20/13 @ 17:01
Comment from: Jarrod [Visitor]

Some great reviews on here.

I'm looking between these and the Unshoes Pah Tempe. My concern with a lot of the huarache style sandals are that they may look a bit too feminine, like you mentioned in your review of the Pah Tempe.

Which would you recommend between the Exodus and the Pah Tempe?

09/21/13 @ 07:38
Comment from: Seth Anderson [Visitor]
Seth Anderson

These look really nice. The Chaco style toe wrap is good. Do you sell to retailers? We sell Xeroshoes but we could try your as well.

(970) 248-9693.

04/25/16 @ 13:42
Comment from: Nyah [Visitor]  

These sandals just recently caught my attention. I was pretty much convinced to get a pair for this Summer. Unfortunately the Order function on the Exodus website doesn't seem to work and I've read something alluding to the company not being in business any longer. Now I'm looking for something that fills the void.

04/18/17 @ 20:11

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