Kristy sent in the above photo showing her black Classic FiveFingers-clad feet next to part of Tom Otterness’ Life Underground (Info: NYC Subway page | Otterness page). Otterness’ sculptures seem to be a perfect match for FiveFingers as we saw back in June via Brian.

Here’s Kristy on the photo and her treasured VFFs:

I was in NYC yesterday afternoon with my Fiance walking around before heading back home to NJ; we were returning from a weekend trip to Port Jervis, NY. We wanted to see how far we could get without using a car this weekend. This picture was taken at a subway station at 8th Ave and 14th St (West Village). Was waiting for the Uptown A train and low and behold I see a statue of FEET! Thank goodness for camera phones …

Wore my VFF’s all weekend. My feet started to get pretty tired though at the end of the day yesterday as I was carrying an extra 20lbs in my backpack (Since we had no car we used backpacks to carry what we needed for the weekend). After arriving back in NYC at around 5pm, we walked around NYC for about 4-5 hrs, off and on … very little sitting. That was the most time I have spent on my feet in my VFF’s. We [also] ran that morning for about 5.5 miles, and I wore my blue camo KSO’s.

A lot of working out for my feet this weekend!! They feel a bit sore/tired this morning – like my legs would after a good workout.

Ah nothing like a good foot workout a la Vibram FiveFingers. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time hoofing it around NYC! Thanks for sharing!