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Ryan S

Outstanding post - man, looks like a great time for all. I am so in need of a solid trip with the constant companion of my VFFs. I've not taken to airports with them to date, however, anxious to make it happen.

Interesting comments on the Chacos. I've been wearing them for almost 12 years and I find my desire to put them on to be decreasing. I'm a huge fan of the Chaco Flip Flops, if one has to put something like that on. I wish the flips were slightly thiner in the heal, but the molding effect of the flips are better than most. I WISH the sandals were the same sole as the flips - it would eliminate the chunkiness and bulk and make them more feet friendly. Again, not my fav, but could be better if minimized. We should contact Chaco for a low profile sole in thier Z2 or Z1 product.

Man, you've inspired me for an international adventure in my VFFs. Congrats on the baby - kids are a blessing.

05/16/09 @ 05:51
Comment from: [Member]

Flying in the VFFs is the best -- the comfort of barefootedness on uncomfortable planes? Hard to beat it.

I've not tried the Chacos Flip Flops. My go-to sandals for years have been Birkenstock Milanos, which I wear until the leather upper gets a hole in it. Birks are very light-weight and I enjoy the texture of the leather on my barefeet. I'm also a huge fan of Birkenstock Bostons (the clogs) for wintertime.

I need to check out TOMS, too.

Totally agree with your comments about Chacos needing to come up with a low profile and lighter sole. I hope they do this sometime soon -- the beefy sole looks good on paper but in practice, it can be a bit clunky. Good for rainy days I suppose (elevates you above the puddles a bit).

Of course, I'd take just about any sandal over a sneaker.

05/16/09 @ 09:12

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