Back on May 1, we wrote about the possibility (and first sighting) of Classic Vibram FiveFingers fashioned after certain flags to be released around the time of the Summer Olympics — you can find that post here. At the time, we only had an image of the Denmark-styled FiveFingers; today, I’ve gotten my hands on all the flag-styled Classics. There are 5 styles of Olympics/Flag-styled FiveFingers being produced — one each for the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Denmark, and the United States. There’s just one catch: they’ll only be available outside the United States — in Europe or Australia — in limited quantities (likely extremely so). As for availability in the U.S.? We’re pretty much out of luck — they’ll only be available for purchase in store (not via phone) from the Vibram retail store on Newbury St. in Boston, Massachusetts. Want to see what all the designs look like (including the U.S. version not glimpsed above)? Hop on after the jump! Here they are:
United States Flag Classic Vibram FiveFingers Australia Flag Classic Vibram FiveFingers Denmark Flag Classic Vibram FiveFingers Italy Flag Classic Vibram FiveFingers United Kingdom Flag Classic Vibram FiveFingers
Note that they’re not quite “out” officially yet. Drop date is set to be in a couple weeks (Say around June 20). If anyone state-side comes up with an inventive way to snag these rare birds (international retailers who have all of them or some portion of them willing to ship), please share your solution in the comments!

Update! Photos of the real deal from Dirk!

BirthdayShoes reader Dirk managed to pick up the Italy, U.K., and U.S.A. Olympic Classic FiveFingers (he’s working on Denmark and I think Australia). He shared some photos so I’m dutifully sharing at large here on the blog! Note the “special edition” boxes and tags. Check’em out!