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The above photos were recently taken at the wedding of Jason and Suzi. These two lovebirds got married in the Great Sand Dunes Park and Preserve in Colorado. The wedding was simultaneously immense in scenery and intimately serene (As you can see from the pictures). And since high-heels and cap-toe shoes just don’t work well in sand dunes (and hey, these two are both big VFF fans), Suzi and Jason wore their Vibram fivefinger Sprints and KSOs, respectively.

Maybe one day Vibram will come out with some patent leather VFFs for gents in need of five-toed dress shoes and sequin and/or rhinestone-covered VFFs for the ladies. If they ever do, I’m sure we’ll cover it here.

I asked both Jason and Suzi to share with us about the experience, here is what Suzi had to say:

Earlier this month, Jason and I got married at the Great Sand Dunes Park and Preserve in southern Colorado, wearing our FiveFingers. It was a beautiful, small ceremony; we were married by our close friend, who was ordained specifically for our joyous occasion. Two other great friends also helped us celebrate. (We surprised the rest of our family and friends, to say the least…) It was a wonderful day, and we are very happy to be married!

As to our choice of footwear…

I wear my FiveFingers everyday, everywhere. I can’t stand any other shoes anymore. So when it came time to pick out shoes to wear for the wedding, and nothing in any of the stores, magazines, and catalogs came close to being comfortable and practical, we decided FiveFingers would be fine. A good choice? I wouldn’t say that. The sand was VERY hot, and I thought several times that my FiveFingers had indeed melted into the soles of my feet. (I can’t imagine Jason’s pain, his KSO’s being black). Even still, it was great feeling the sand between my Vibram’d toes.

We appreciate all the support we have found online, from you and the good folks over at (Quite a few relatives and friends have been critical of our “shoe” choice). Thanks!


Jason and Suzi, I think I can speak for the rest of us here when I say, “Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!” No doubt the relatives will come around to your wise and ahead-of-your-time-thinking with regards to your footwear. And as for the location, no wedding decorator could have done a better job!

Thank you both for sharing! Best wishes!