Comment from: James [Visitor]

Congratulations on your wedding! Looking sharp in these very dressy shoes, well done.

12/22/12 @ 12:14
Comment from: Michael Blanchard [Visitor]
Michael Blanchard

I was among the minimalist show enthusiasts who eagerly awaited the arrival of the Primal Professional. Then I saw the price. I am sure it is very hard to get a new shoe to market, and maybe it really is that expensive to produce a show of this quality as an independent manufacturer. But at $310, I will never own a pair. At $100 I'd snap them up. At $200 I'd give it some serious thought. At $310, I'll be wearing my Vivobarefoot Ra for about 1/3 the price. Maybe he's planning to compete against the really high-end dress shoe market, but I just can't imagine spending that much on a pair of shoes.

12/26/12 @ 11:56
Comment from: Dan [Visitor]

I totally agree with you Michael.

For the price, I would rather just get 2 Vivobarefoot Ra's and use those.

12/27/12 @ 10:01
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]

I agree with Dan. I just got married in October in Vivobarefoot Ra's. My then-fiancee thought they'd look terrible ("clown shoes" was the term she used) but they looked great and no one knew I wasn't in stiff-soled loafers.

12/27/12 @ 16:05
Comment from: Emile [Visitor]  

Agreed with Michael. Exactly the reason why I loved the Altum shoes setup. They look better in my opinion (important since I wear a uniform daily) and are half the price, hope they will fit as well as they look in February:

12/28/12 @ 15:42
Comment from: MikeA [Visitor]

Michael, I have to disagree. If you want to take care of your feet, then you have to get good shoes. My job requires that I walk and be on my feel all day while wearing a suit. The Primal Professional price of $330 is nothing compared to a pair of Ferragamo's at $1,200. While good shoes may sound expensive, they really are a bargain in the long run. Doing all the walking that I do, I was buying a new pair of shoes for $100-$150 per year. Now I buy Magli's or Ferragamo's and they last for at least two or three years before I take them to be resoled for about $25-$30. With the resoling, my shoes last between 5-7 years. Do the math: I can spend $150/year for five years for a total of $750, or I can buy a $400 pair of Magli's and my feet are better for it. Plus good shoes don't have a break-in period, they fit like a glove from the moment you put them on.

Getting back to Primal Professional, here are my issues:
1) I hate the idea of waiting 6-12 months to get the shoes. Nobody wants to tie up $330 for six months
2) I don't like that they only come in whole shoe sizes. Some of us are half sizes and whole don't fit, no matter how wide they are
3) I don't like the fact that half the toe-box is empty so your toes end in the widest part of the shoe. The website says that all good shoes leave space at the end. I can tell you as a 20+ year wearer of the best shoes available that this is not the case. The toes extend to the end of the toe-box. I would imagine that he empty space at the end of the toe-boxes in Primal Professionals will eventually cave in after a few months of use, which is unacceptable for a $330 shoe. I feel they should simply widen the end a bit more (they can leave it a bit tapered for appearance sake) rather than leave half the toe-box empty.

08/29/13 @ 00:06

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