Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

These are very expensive compared to xero shoes. They also do a custom fit etc, and it's nowhere near $70! I see nothing different or better here than xero, and Stephen' customer service is great. The UK site is also excellent.

I would suggest people pass on these and get xero shoes for a lot less....

Good review and well written. I definitely agree about everyone should have a pair of running sandals to use. I love mine on trails.

12/21/14 @ 15:57
Comment from: [Member]

There are quite a few differences between the Xeroshoes DIY kits (and custom orders) and the gladsoles shoes.

Gladsoles are made in the USA, use vibram soles, are easier to tie, have a more comfortable cord, allow for easy-on easy-off and strike a very nice balance between protection and groundfeel. Also, the Trail versions have much better off-road capability than the Xeroshoes that I have used in the past.

Gladsoles are also a little lighter (both are extremely light, don't get me wrong), but are less prone to slapping. Xeroshoes stopped using Vibram for their sandals and have switched to their "feel true" soles. I have found the feel true soles to be a bit denser and a shade less flexible than Vibram Newflex and Moreflex. Overall, I still consider Newflex the best sole for use in trail running and Morflex to be fantastic for road running.

Indeed, there is a price difference, but I believe that you get what you paid for. These, along with the KSO EVOs and Shamma Sandals (which I have previously reviewed) are my favorite running shoes as of late.

Some of these differences may be considered quite minor, but I believe that the sum of its parts make the Gladsoles running sandals an excellent choice over their competitors.


12/27/14 @ 17:42
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

Good response Jarvis, thank you.

Based on the review of the Shamma warriors I thought they looked perfect as trail sandals.

Durable sole with easy to dial in straps, that can be adjusted easily on the run. Any thoughts on a comparison between gladsoles newflex sole and shamma warriors? Thanks!

01/04/15 @ 19:30
Comment from: [Member]

Hi Chris!

The Warriors and the Gladsoles Trail use the same Vibram Newflex rubber. So their traction and groundfeel is the same.

The Gladsole sandal weighs a little more than an oz less than the Shamma Warriors and has a custom fit (from your foot tracings).

However, even with my wide feet, Shamma Sandals fit me perfectly.

The Shammas are a little more secure because of the thicker strapping system and they are easier to put on and off (no need to tie anything), but the Gladsoles Sandals have more adjustability with their tying system.

Overall, these are the my two favorite running sandals at the moment, so you cannot go wrong with either one.


01/07/15 @ 14:57
Comment from: Olaf [Visitor]

Hello Jarvis,

I 've found your review very interesting and I especially liked the comparison between the Morflex

sole and the Feeltrue material used by Xeroshoes.

I have both the Sensori Venture and Amuri Cloud models.

I find the Ventures too hard and dense for running with a poor ground feedback compared to the

Cloud model which I love for the comfort and groundfeel as well.

I am currently doing 90 percent of my running mileage with the Clouds and I was interested in

buying the Originals from Gladsoles, because reading various reviews including this one, I have the

feeling they will be very similar to the Cloud model that is in my opinion both comfortable, softy( a

bit squishy) yet unforgiving as far as bad running form is concerned.

Can you confirm that feeling of mine?

Thanks in advance!

01/14/15 @ 16:56
Comment from: [Member]


I completely agree with you. For me, the Amuri/Sensori venture sole was too dense for running and they were a little too slappy for my tastes.

The clouds are an improvement, but the soft foam sole has sections of the dense feeltrue sole around the perimeter and near the toe post, which was a little annoying for my wide feet.

The Glodsoles Originals have a little give, but are not squishy by any means. They are very thin and provide a lot of ground feedback. They are one of my favorite sandals at the moment (with the Shamma Warriors).

I much prefer them over the Amuri Clouds and I like custom feeling of tied shoes, rather than the closed loop system that xeroshoes uses for their amuri sandals.

As long as you are okay with learning how to tie them, the Gladsoles are great! Otherwise, check out Shamma Sandals!

01/15/15 @ 12:26
Comment from: Olaf [Visitor]

Thank you Jarvis,

I have just ordered a pair of Gladsoles Originals and I' m very curious to see how they perform!

By the way, have you tried the 4mm Feeltrue soles of the Xeroshoes Connect sandals?

Thank you

01/20/15 @ 07:58
Comment from: [Member]


I have tried all of the Xeroshoe sandals.

Their FeelTrue sole is denser than your typical vibram soles, which makes them very durable (hence the 5,000 mile warranty), but also louder (slap), and a bit tougher on your skin.

Overall, they are a good choice, provided you fit their sole shape (Amuri only).

Their DIY or trace-cut versions are very similar to Gladsoles, but Gladsoles still uses Vibram soles, which I prefer as they provide just a bit of give to your landings.

03/26/15 @ 23:10
Comment from: Gab [Visitor]

Hi Jarvis,
just checked the Gladsoles site but found no trace of the "original" sandals
Maybe they replaced them with the "street" model?

08/12/15 @ 04:11
Comment from: [Member]


Gladsoles changed the name of the original to the STREET, but its the same exact sandal.

They also have a new ECO model, which is made from snow tires!

We'll have a review up shortly.

For road running, the street is still the best model, but the ECO has its strengths in hiking and trails. The Street does provide a bit more cushioning because of the softer Morflex material.

08/12/15 @ 07:58

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