Here’s Carl on using his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs to go wall climbing:

Took my VFF KSOs out on the rock wall at Everett vertical world! Just found one more use for them and saved some money at rentals.

They worked pretty well, especially since you could put your individual toes into cracks and crevices. The only issue I had was that the rock climbing shoes had a hard rubber sole that was like a platform, while the vibrams did whatever your foot did. The rock climbing shoes also had rubber up on the sides, while the VFFs only had them on the bottom.

I’ve had my VFFs for about 2 weeks now and I use them in kickboxing and running. People think they’re awesome and ask where I got them. I think this may become the new hot thing in the nation!

My adjustment’s been good. Normally I wear flip flops and whatnot, so it was easy to get theses babies on and go around in them. I don’t have the trouble that most people do of putting them on and off. The only trouble I have is that they get cold easy, soak up water like a sponge, and stink after using them for a week.


Ah yes, the stink of KSO Vibram Five Fingers is the stuff of legends.

Glad you are putting your KSOs to such good use. Though they aren’t rock climbing shoes, I’m sure the flexibility of Vibram Five Fingers will force your feet to be stronger on those holds! Keep it up — and keep washing your VFFs!