Comment from: Jolly [Visitor]  

As a climber myself, I've found the VFF's to be decent at climbing easier routes, but fall apart on harder routes with smaller footholds. My Flow's hold up better than my Sprints, mostly because of the thicker rubber.

02/22/10 @ 15:18
Comment from: chillin_ [Visitor]  

While the FiveFingers may be OK for easier routes, it is difficult if not impossible to climb above a 5.9 with them. The rubber in FiveFingers is built to do the _opposite_ of what climbing shoes are built to do: Vibrams are for flexibility and maintaining your foot's natural structure, while climbing shoes have a very hard and supportive sole to effectively override your foot's natural (weak) bone structure.

The only time I would consider climbing in Vibrams is if I was hiking in them and I spontaneously found a boulder worth trying. They just are not meant to do what climbing shoes are built for.

02/12/13 @ 03:01
Comment from: Lee [Visitor]  

To often I hear that five fingers are not for climbing. not true unless you believe your feet are not for climbing and need artificial support.

Once you strengthen your feet to the task, the only limit is your abilities. Rather than relying on a crutch (climbing shoes) you can do some pretty nifty stuff... plus they are way more comfy

I climb 5.12s in my five fingers. I use them as approach shoes, hiking shoes, parkour shoes, free climbing shoes... you get the picture. I only wish they would put some climbing rubber on the bottom of them...

10/29/13 @ 21:35

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