Comment from: Heather [Visitor]

Amazing trip and photos. Thanks for sharing.

06/29/12 @ 10:00
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

Wow. That was interesting and you got some great shots. Cool idea doing a handstand in front of everything. My brother used to do handstands and then walk around like that. I could never do it. Thanks for sharing indeed.

06/29/12 @ 11:17
Comment from: David Black [Visitor]
David Black

Way too cool

You made my day

Never grow up, never grow old


06/29/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]

Took the wife and kids to Disney World for a week and wore my Bikila LSs the entire time. Even pushing the stroller around the entire time and a kid on my back my feet felt fine. Love my Fives.

06/29/12 @ 16:33
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

The one picture in the UK is reminds me of the Ninjas warrior warped wall as well as Tough Mudder's "Everest".

06/29/12 @ 21:01
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

Nice photos and trip! I just got back from Seoul, South Korea (was on the show "Starking" where I juggled on the show and juggled a triathlon for the show afterwards in my KSO's).

I admire the handstands. I used to practice them, but didn't follow through with it, but I will someday soon. I appreciate the circus arts as a juggler, so I try to learn whatever I can to add to my skillset.

06/30/12 @ 14:22
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor]

I'm jealous! I want to visit those places AND learn how to do a handstand now. I guess I'll add those to my list, just underneath collecting as many VFF's as possible :) Great photos, it looks like you had a blast.

06/30/12 @ 15:18
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]  

Hey everyone, I had a great time, constantly thinking, "Could I handstand on that? Would it look awesome?" added a whole new slant to traveling! The best of album is 82 pictures all up...

To those who want to get their handstand on, just start standing on your hands! Walls are your friends can build confidence and strength.

Joe, I saw your post on here a little while back: nice work! I juggle clubs a little and I still can't even begin to understand the effort involved.

07/02/12 @ 03:51
Comment from: Joe S. [Visitor]
Joe S.

Thanks, Ben. Very cool that you do clubs... I am actually getting back into working on getting 5 club juggling down. I can juggle 5 in every "prop" category besides clubs, so it's a goal of mine to follow through learning five.

Keep up the handstands. I always admire acrobatics, handstands, and gymnastics. It's always good to add it to a juggling routine too.

07/02/12 @ 23:51
Comment from: Shyra [Visitor]

Wow! Ben, your handstands surely beats the planking. Those are really cool specially when you do it around the world. Where is your next destination.

07/04/12 @ 08:38
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]  

Man Joe, 5 clubs is hardcore. I'm helping set up a flying trapeze tomorrow night for the coming term of classes at the local circus trust, should be awesome times.

@ Shyra, someone suggested that I go to the south pole and do a handstand, thus holding up the world. No plans for any further travel thus far though. :)

07/08/12 @ 05:00

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