Tim Kelley, who now has run two triathlons in Vibram FiveFingers (The first was posted about here, the second — just see the fist pump and jump above — was completed at the Outer Banks.

Just this past week, Tim and his friend Michael went hiking up Old Rag Mountain (in the Shenandoah Mountains). Even better, they filmed the experience, uploaded it to YouTube, and set it to Axel F.

For your VFFriday enjoyment, here is Michael and Tim, hiking Old Rag in grey/palm KSO fivefingers and red/black Sprints, respectively:

Untitled from michael dausch on Vimeo.

I just about spewed coffee on the toe-stretching bit. And did I see some “power-hiking” in there? And needless to say, nice dance moves.

Looks like you guys had a great time!