In the mailbag (I have two more photo updates lined up, by the way!) comes this note from Rocco Privetera:

Hi – my name is Rocco Privetera, and I’m a comic/improviser/tech from NYC. I originally bought a pair of vibrams (standard black) due to some bad foot and lower back pain – a doctor suggested ‘spending some time barefoot’ each week – in Manhattan?? Thus the Vibrams. Now, between my three pair (bought two additional kso’s – black and brown) and some Soft Star sorta-moccasins [*](check them out as well – awesome barefoot shoes), I’m pretty much barefoot all the time. Results? No foot pain, no back pain, callus gone, etc. The place where I work is very hip and has no problem with me wearing them, although I get a lot questions on the subway and ‘gorilla feet’ comments). I find the KSO’s in a matching pant color works fine for business wear.

One pic is me before going out to an improv show in my kilt plus black KSO’s – I wear toe socks as they match the kilt better then just the shoes – and then my improv group, who all decided to wear their Vibrams for one show. By coincidence, we had 5 different shoes!


Thanks Rocco**! It’s great to hear not only about eliminating your foot and back pain problems, but also that your doctor made such a sensible suggestion to go barefoot more often.

These photos make for a couple of five fingers firsts. For one, this is the first time I’ve seen the combination of fivefingers and a kilt. Black KSOs with black socks matched to a black kilt works quite well!

Two, I think this is the first time I’ve seen five sets of five fingers in one place. Thanks for sending the improv group shot!

* If you’re curious about the Soft Star “sorta-moccasins” (as I was), you can check them out here.

** Rocco’s blog, which features some of his improv videos, is at