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Lewis B

Howdy, Justin!

I discovered VFF through Mark Sisson's Mark's Daily Apple website (conveniently enough, and said, almost immediately, "Oh yes, we must, we must."

The only thing separating me from this post is I'm not funny, at least, not intentionally.

VFF? Check. Kilts? Check. Let me tell you about kilts . . . I started off with a Utilikilt, then dipped my toes (ahem) into the water with a poly-viscose kilt from USA Kilts (also, conveniently, at, and then . . . . Well, as Wyatt Earp is reported to have said about the dustup at the OK Corral, "And then the fight became general."

The "traditional kilt" as we know it today is about nine yards of wool, and is based on Queen Victoria's Scottish fantasies and sympathies for Sir Walter Scott. With one yard in the over apron and one yard in the under apron, that leaves seven yards of wool hanging off your butt. This is not balanced.

Back in the day, the kilt was NOT court garb, and was meant to "hide one's shortcomings" in a working environment. Whether box pleated, knife pleated, or Kingussie pleated, the old style kilt gave you three layers of worsted wool and ran more towards three to four yards, with a equal distribution between fore-and-aft.

While I've only had my "monkey shoes" for about a year, I've worn kilts for about five years, sometimes exclusively.

Hey, it's a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, and easily reversible. The first time I wore a kilt out, I was nervous, but ran into some troubled youth, in plaid and autistically ripped jeans, with piercings and tats, smoking clove cigarettes . . . and I just laughed to myself, and immediately felt at one with the universe.

06/17/09 @ 20:54

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