John (Zyxistal in the forums) sent in the above photos taken of his black KSO fivefingers as he strolled about a bazaar in Afghanistan:

Friday I took my Black KSO VFF’s out to the local Bazaar we have here weekly. Of course all the locals loved the shoes, most of them are wearing hand-made sandals or nothing anyway. …

The dirt “moon dust” is kept out pretty well with a combination of KSO and Injinji socks. Usually by the end of the day my shoes and socks have chaged from their original colors to ‘dust’ but my feet are always happy and dust free.

Looks like lots of colorful items to be had at the bazaar. Good to know the injinji/KSO combo stops dust in its tracks.

Thanks for passing on these photos, John! And thanks for your forum contributions!