Hey Justin,

I arrived in Brazil a few weeks ago and took my five fingers on a hike with a friend in the interior of northeast Brazil.

I put on my five fingers KSO and got ahold of my best friend Lívia for a hike in the trails of northeast Brazil. We started off in a small town called Taquaritinga do Norte, about 130 miles from the coast. In this area, most locals live off ranching and agriculture. We hiked to the highest point in the region which some use as a launching spot for hang-gliding. From the mountain peak we could see the city far below. And of course, I took the opportunity to show off my five fingers. Many people asked me if they will ever be made available abroad. I can’t answer them for sure, but they do like talking about these unique looking shoes.


We’ve previously seen Josh hiking Ransom Canyon. Looks like he’s still putting his KSOs to good use!

As for when VFFs will be more available worldwide—it’s anyone’s guess. I hope sooner rather than later!