Juergs completed his 50K ultra last weekend in under six hours (See our last meeting with Juergs’ where he talks about training with his new KSO Treks). He ran the race in the new KSO Treks.

Here is Juergs’ account of the race:

31 miles 6:00hrs
The first half of race I ran 9:30m/m …
Mile 16 I saw a nice sharp rock and thought to myself “Don’t hit … OUCH!!!” That reduced me to a walk for a little bit.

By mile 18 I was down to 10:00m/m
Mile 20 down to 11:00m/m God this sucks… my feet hurt
Mile 26 down to 12:00m/m feet feel like hamburgers

Mile 27.4 I pick up my pacer for in the last 3.6 miles
I tell her that we are going to do a lot of walking… She tells me I
doing great and we just have a few hills and then it is down hill to
the start

The next 3 miles we clock sub 10:00m/m
0.5 mile to go and am running sub 9:00m/m
My Pacer sees me pulling away from her and yells “Get ’em!”
There are two guys in front of me, one of which I can not even see yet.

I pick off the first with ease.
I come around a bend and I see the next guy.
He is far. I think “Pain is only temporary” I push.
0.3 mile to go and am running sub 5:00m/m
I pass him … the race is done.

Engine felt great
But where the rubber meet the road was sore.


Here is Juergs’ GPS data from the 50K/31 mile race.

Juergs’ told me that he went ahead and ran three miles the next day and had no major issues with his feet recovering. Further, he’s already planning his next 50K in VFF Treks (in December or January).

Congratulations on your finish, Juergs!