Comment from: Megg [Visitor]  

Did you get any feedback for your wife? Came across your post when looking at five fingers -- I'm 24 weeks pregnant and curious about the fit.

06/07/10 @ 21:07
Comment from: Maddona Person [Visitor]
Maddona Person

I know whats it is like to not know i was pregnant back last july i was diagnosed premature ovarionfailure

07/25/10 @ 17:19
Comment from: Josephine [Visitor]

I can't speak to the swelling feet but I am almost five months pregnant with twins and have been running daily in my KSO's. I've had them for over a year and have worn them in every season and every weather condition from blizzards to sleet to rain storms. I love them! I ran through my first pregnancy as well and wish I had had Five Fingers then. I feel great, am strong and fit, and as light on my feet as I can be with two babies inside!:) No injuries and no complaints- only obsessive, raving praise! I wish I could share some photos of my big belly and crazy feet!

01/31/11 @ 19:19
Comment from: heterosexual woman in comfortable shoes :) [Visitor]
heterosexual woman in comfortable shoes :)

this comment was posted a while back, but I'd still like to comment. I recently purchased a black pair of kso's. I went to a store to try them on, and all the ladies sizes were too small or in a color that i wasn't too fond of. i ended up trying on a man's pair and they fit great. well, it turns out that they are a size too big. I am only noticing that now after owning about a month and wearing to the gym. I just noticed yesterday that my foot was sliding forward a bit, but it wasn't bothersome and it forced me to concentrate more on balancing - not a bad thing. But anyway, when I first got them I wore them all day for two days, on the third day I lounged around barefoot all day and towards the evening when I went to put them on I felt like my feet were swollen and they were tight. This problem went away after about an hour or so. They didn't hurt, they just felt extra snug. And oddly enough, the longer I wore them, the more comfy my foot got, like the swelling was going down. I would recommend that if you have issues with swelling, or are pregnant, that you get a shoe that's 1 size bigger. The kso might be a bit bothersome for a pregnant woman, but even 1 size larger in the classic would be ok because you can adjust the band. And yes I know because I am now the proud owner of 3 classics and 1 kso ... but that's a story for another blog post.

10/14/11 @ 08:47

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