Kevin sent in the above two photos of his grey and palm KSO fivefingers taken while he was vacationing in Fiji.

Though Kevin only recently picked up his VFFs, he’s quickly put them to good use:

Hi Justin,

Love your site!

I thought I’d pitch in with a couple of pictures of VFF during my recent Fiji trip. I am from Melbourne Australia and I haven’t seen anyone else wearing VFF here yet. I have had [mine] for 3 or so weeks and have been wearing them almost everyday (situation permitting). I have only had a handful of people asking about them. Funny the only person who knew of them and asked was an American lady in Fiji who came up to me after seeing I had them on and asked about them. I didn’t have to explain the whole barefoot thing as she was already looking into it.

I have always had trouble being barefoot as I grew up in Hong Kong where culturally you just do not go barefoot. Indoors I was either in carpeted environment, or wearing clunky rubber slippers, or both! When I first came to Australia and saw how other kids were able to walk barefoot on gravel, I was amazed and to this day, I still can’t even stand on gravel without pain.

VFFs have been very liberating and I am really enjoying them. I wore them during my whole trip to Fiji (only 4 days). Only time I took them off was when snorkeling, sleeping and during the wedding I was attending.

Anyway, just felt like rambling and good luck with the site.



Ah it must be nice to live so close to Fiji. Quite a flight for us here in Georgia!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the liberation of freed feet; I bet you’ll be standing on gravel in no time!