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Hi there,

I am Chris's wife. As he said it took me a while to convert to these shoes, but now I'm hooked. Just like most women I love cute shoes, even if they are not comfy. I walk atleast a mile a day in 3 inch heels, however when I get home the first thing I do is take off my shoes. I love to be barefoot and as a child spent most of the summer without shoes on.
I first agreed to just wear them around the yard, but became so enamored with them that I started wearing them in public. (With matching clothes of course:) People notice and comment on them. Most everyone thinks they are awesome!

04/28/09 @ 19:11
Comment from: [Member]


That is great! So glad you're enjoying them (And finding a way to make them at least somewhat stylish).

When I wear mine in public places I get tons of positive feedback from all different types of people (this is particularly exemplified when I wear them to the airpot!).

Thanks for the feedback!

04/29/09 @ 11:02

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