Comment from: n2burns [Visitor]

Just want to say I really enjoyed reading about your experience. Hopefully one day I'll be up to running a minimalist marathon. And with new-found motivation, I'm heading out for a run!

03/12/13 @ 01:37
Comment from: Jen K [Visitor]
Jen K

Thanks for the great article. It's great for those who have only a couple bigger races under their belt (like me!) to hear some of the well planned and not so well planned parts of prepping for a race. The insight is very useful! Glad to hear it ultimately went well for you Greg.

03/12/13 @ 12:45
Comment from: TK-42ONE [Visitor]

Congrats on your first finish. Amen about the wind, the cold, and those damn rocks. When I got back across the river for the last 6 miles, I was one of many that ran on the little narrow horse-beaten path next to the gravel road just to avoid more rocks.

03/12/13 @ 14:30

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