Comment from: seret [Visitor]

Congratz, Lynn! Great forrm and it looks like you're giving the Thumbs Up!

Also the guy with the heel strike behind you looks pretty jealous about your shoes.

08/21/09 @ 11:04
Comment from: Noah [Visitor]

I am really struggling to just run better in my VFF's. I find after 28 years of running with running shoes my buddy just doesnt want o naturally run on the balls of my feet.

08/29/09 @ 22:56
Comment from: Cam H [Visitor]  
Cam H

Just finished the chicago half on Sept 13th with my 5-fingers and was able to finally break into the under 10 minute mile group. They felt GREAT

09/13/09 @ 14:27
Comment from: David Hendrix [Visitor]  
David Hendrix

Lynn, Thanks so much for this post. I wasn't sure about doing a half in my KSOs or not but I read this post back in December and sealed the deal for me.
I did my first VFF half marathon at the Cary, IL March Madness and broke my PR by more than 5 minutes. What was really cool was how strong I was on the hills with these (perhaps a little slower on the downhills being on the lookout for slippery spots).

I only today just realized that you were there too after looking at the Cary facebook page. Wish I would have known or I would have given another VFFer a shout out. Was at least 3 of us there and lots of runners were aware of and/or asking questions about.

03/25/10 @ 21:55
Comment from: Robin [Visitor]  

Question... How did you "convert to running" in VFFs? I just started using my first pair a month ago, and love running in them. I just signed up for the Dec 4th St Jude's half marathon and want to know if I can stick to these, or if I should run in my usual Newtons bc three months isn't enough time to convert safely to VFF's before a long race??? I really want to hear that I can run in my VFFs! Any advice? Thanks, Lynn. Or anyone with advice.

08/29/10 @ 20:34
Comment from: Josh Golackson [Visitor]  
Josh Golackson


I ran a half marathon 4 months after I started running in 5's. But I started running in 5's only about 4 months after I started running (29 years old, now 30). So I would say it took me longer to adjust because I wasn't used to running. It was my first race ever but I finished with a pretty decent time. Very sore in my achilles and lower calves for about 3 days but feeling much better (Thursday after the Sunday race). I would say go for it. Pace yourself and if you're feeling sore just take it easy!

10/28/10 @ 11:29

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