Matt emailed in the above photos taken this past Thursday morning: he ran a 5K in his Flow Five Fingers. Here’s Matt:


I ran a 5K in my VFF Flows on Thanksgiving morning in Shelby, North Carolina. Out of over 600 participants, I was the only one in VFFs! These pictures were taken by my mom and sister at the race. Finished with a decent time and had a great time running with everyone else in their sneakers!! Love these shoes for cold-weather running and I have a pair of Sprints for warmer running.

Thanks for having such a great site! I look at it all the time and it’s great to have a website like this where all of us VFFers can see others with the same awesome shoes!

Sounds like you’ve got a nice one-two punch for year-round VFF running! It’s not often we see Flows, so thanks for sharing!

And glad to be of assistance to the Five Fingers fan community!

Update: Matt sent in a couple few more photos from a hike he took earlier this year in his VFF Sprints:

Matt poses on a hike in the Appalachian Mountains near Boone, North Carolina!
I went on a day of hiking in the Appalachian Mountains up near Boone, NC (where i go to college…. Go App!!) with my family earlier this semester and enjoyed all of the beautiful scenery and great views in my VFF Sprints. I sure got some weird looks by people passing by and lots of questions about what the heck i had on my feet and why i would ever hike in them, including people from my own family!! It was a lot of fun and i can’t wait for warmer weather to do it again soon!!
Enjoying the VFF-view!