Comment from: Vitor [Visitor]

Dude, did you really recommended the Vapor? I mean, it's hard to buy something that will be released only in 3 months.

12/19/12 @ 04:24
Comment from: Lyonel [Visitor]

Bare Acces... Is it me or does it sound a bit euh... gay?!?

12/19/12 @ 08:27
Comment from: [Member]

Vitor, If you are interested in a truly minimal shoe to help promote a barefoot like form, I think that the Vapor Glove is definitely worth the wait. They are on of the only shoes I've been able to wear sockless, and they provide great feedback. The Bare Access are a great shoes for runs when your feet are tired, or when you might encounter gravel. I've even done some technical trail running in them, but I wouldn't count on their traction.

12/20/12 @ 09:01
Comment from: Krish [Visitor]

I wanted to buy the Merrell Vapor glove too since I have a problem of feet getting extremely hot (no issues with infection or diabetes) when I run after 1.5 miles or so! Doctor told me about barefoot running & use a flat shoes etc...reached out Merrel & they are suggesting Bare Access 2...your comments seem to contradict that...any advice would be much appreciated...not a long distance runner but somebdoy who wants to run about 3 miles or so every other day just to stay in shape! Thank you.

02/26/13 @ 16:44
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]

This shoe is about as perfect as it gets (for me). I've been into the minimalist shoes for quite a while but never found a "perfect" pair. I always wanted to love them, but just couldn't. I owned Vibram KSO's and Merrell Trail Gloves and they were both nice, but ended up being too painful for me to run in. Something would always rub uncomfortably, or my toes would end up bruised and battered. The Bare Access 2.0's are just perfect for me. A little bit of padding, 0-drop, and loads of toe room. Plus, they look really nice.

04/20/13 @ 23:54
Comment from: Cesar [Visitor]

has anyone found this shoes longish as runningwarehouse suggests?

"Sizing: Fits large; purchase 1/2 size smaller than standard running shoe size"

?? I use normally size eleven shoefitr tells me to downsize to 10.5?

06/18/13 @ 17:34
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]  

I started running this year and had trouble with injuries. Recently hamstring pulls run then have to take ten days off. I ran my 1st half marathon this year. I am now looking at trying barefoot running and you review of the bare access 2 look it may be the shoe to try. Do you recommend I try them in small amounts and still use my normal running shoes between run ?

12/09/13 @ 00:54

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