Comment from: Scott Cragin [Visitor]
Scott Cragin

What kind of fins are those? I'm looking for a small set for traveling. Please e-mail me if possible: [email protected]

05/19/10 @ 23:04
Comment from: Laura [Visitor]

Do you have any experience using these VFF for cold water scuba? I'm nervous that they won't be warm enough.

01/13/11 @ 18:40
Comment from: DARLING [Visitor]

please let me know what brand of fins because I need to purchase some to wear with my five toes

05/01/11 @ 23:03
Comment from: Dansto [Visitor]

those are force fins darling ;)

06/29/11 @ 11:47
Comment from: David Tan [Visitor]
David Tan

I've been diving with VFF Flows for two years now. I had bought them originally to work out and run with but found them too stiff. (I now have a pair of Bikila LSs for that.)

I brought the Flows along on a dive trip and found them to be the BEST dive booties I've ever used. I wear them with a pair of Scubapro Twin Jet split fins. The improved control and feel I have over my fins is what makes a difference over conventional booties. The optimal split fin technique is a higher frequency, lower amplitude flutter kick and the VFFs are perfect for this.

You need to select fins with the appropriate foot pocket size for your VFFs: I wear a 44 Flow, and this, as well as conventional 3mm booties works with a Medium in the Twin Jets. Definitely take your VFFs to the dive shop and try out fin sizes since there can be a lot of variation between manufacturers.

I have used the Flows down to about 79F water with no problems with cold. You have less protection with VFFs and I still have a coral sting scar ring on one ankle from diving in Cozumel a month ago.

Bottom line: the Flows are my preferred bootie and since I only dive warmer waters (for now) cold is not a problem.

01/31/12 @ 22:19

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