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Patrick goes rafting on the Ocoee River in KSO Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers KSO fan Patrick goes whitewater rafting in the Ocoee River in his KSO VFFs — photos and user story.

Got a couple great Five Fingers photos in from Vibram Five Fingers KSO fan Patrick. The pics were taken while rafting the Ocoee River. Here’s what Patrick had to say about whitewater rafting wearing Vibram Five Fingers:

Just got my brown KSO’s this past Friday in time to go camping Friday night and rafting on the Ocoee on Saturday. Attached are two pics (one mine from a waterproof disposable, one taken by the outfitter’s pro photog on shore …) featuring the shoes. I wasn’t the only one; one of the guides and one of the other rafters were also wearing VFFs in our group of boats.

I took my shot in Bush Gardens just after the put-in for the Upper. The pro shot was taken at Humongous in the Olympic Section.

So far, the shoes are great. Keep up the good work keeping us informed with the blog!

Glad to do it! Thanks for sending in the photos!

Good to see that you don’t need Flows to take to the river — KSO Vibram Five Fingers (Keep Stuff Out) serve the purpose fine!

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Was at the ocoee this past weekend and decided to give my trek sports a go in the river. Not the best idea. Te small cleats did not grip the rocks in the water well. The plain rubber bottoms would have been better. Other than that though they were great and i got a lot of great compliments on them!

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