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Phillip’s first Skydiving Trip in his KSO FiveFingers

Hello there!I was so excited that I just feel like I needed to share.The first time I saw VF

In the mailbag came the above photos from Phillip who just went skydiving for the first time (and did it wearing his KSO Five Fingers, at that!):

Hello there!

I was so excited that I just feel like I needed to share.

The first time I saw VFF’s was on top of Mount Fuji. The first thing I did when I got back to the states was to order a pair. Too bad I had to wait 3 weeks for my Classics as they were restocking. Two days after that, I went and grabbed some KSOs.

My first skydiving trip was this past Saturday where some friends and I headed over to Byron, California (about 2 hours East of San Francisco). And I couldn’t wait to do it in my KSO’s!

Just wanted to share!


Awesome photos, Phillip, and glad you enjoyed your first experience “flying!”

I went tandem skydiving about ten years back and the guy I was strapped to was a bit overweight, frizzy long, bleached blonde hair, and just seemed sort of strung out, but he’d jumped 3,000 times so I figured, “You only live once!” And of course I’m still here.

Thanks, Phillip!

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