Comment from: Greg [Visitor]  

How do the Anthony Alan Oxford's compare width-wise to the LEM's shoes 9-5's? I already own the Run AMOC dash in a 12 wide which fits perfectly, but is not good for keeping your feet dry in rain puddles/snow since the sole is so thin. I'm thinking the thicker soles on the other shoes would solve the puddle problem but I'm concerned about width and foot comfort.

06/12/15 @ 10:05
Comment from: [Member]


The fit is pretty close between the two, save for a few small details.

The toebox of the Anthony Alan shoes is not quite as wide as the Lems box, but only slightly.

The interior volume is also different from Lems because the removable footbed is a bit thicker in the Anthony Alan Loafer and Oxford. Without the insole, they have more vertical space and with the footbed, they have a bit less. By comparison, the Lems footbed is much thinner and does not adjust the interior volume as much, but does control for groundfeel all the same.

06/12/15 @ 14:13
Comment from: Lou [Visitor]

Are these true to size? (I'm a men's size 10.5 US / 44 Eu)

Also, I would like to give this a try but the promo code "Dad" is invalid.

07/18/15 @ 11:46
Comment from: AC [Visitor]


Decent pricing , cheaper than Vivobarefoot MSRP (which is steeply discounted all the time so I never treat their MSRPs as real). The issue is availability.

Styling: Oxford is odd from the side. They should have styled the loafer like a Bally or Ferragamo moc / loafer.

The thickness of the sole is another issue. The sole is almost comical. It appears to be that of a cheap slipper. If I bought them I would remove the entire sole and just slap a thin Vibram sole on it (similar to what people do with their leather bottomed shoes). See Vivobarefoot Lisbon for how it should be done * . The Primal Professional is an extreme case.

When it becomes more available I think I'll give it a second look. For now , no buy from me.

* What irks me about Vivobarefoot direct though is how their European counterpart has 40% off right now on the official site but the USA counterpart does not.

07/20/15 @ 00:53
Comment from: [Member]


I talk about sizing in the review. It's true to size and is wider than your typical dress shoe, but not too much so.

The discount code was for father's day, which passed

07/20/15 @ 09:43
Comment from: Jeremy Faulkner [Visitor]  
Jeremy Faulkner

This is an excellent, thorough review. Thanks so much!

08/31/15 @ 10:48
Comment from: Jake Levy [Visitor]
Jake Levy

Curious to know what the pair in the "similar" shoes photo gallery are. The maroon ones.


05/28/16 @ 17:23
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

I would also be curious to know what the similar shoes are. Could you post the name of each one?

07/10/17 @ 13:41
Comment from: Brian Wolf [Visitor]  
Brian Wolf

Excellent, thorough review. Much appreciated.

To determine size and proper fit, Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM suggests an "insole test". Most shoes have a removable insole. Remove the insole and simply stand on it. If your toes extend past the end or sides of the insole, the shoe will not accommodate your foot. Perform test for each foot, since right and left are not always exactly same size.

In your review, you wrote:
"Great for all users looking to have some barefoot benefits in a nice-looking shoe, thought minimalist enthusiasts may find want to find a thinner and more flexible sole."
Change "thought" to "though" (remove the final letter).

07/19/17 @ 10:50

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