Comment from: Mountain Evan Chang [Visitor]  
Mountain Evan Chang

"They are smooth, solid, nicely sprung and can probably be used to fight crime, if necessary."


03/26/18 @ 13:48
Comment from: Fey [Visitor]

I don't think you can put it as a con that a shoe is not meant to do a thing it is not meant for? I mean, it's a dress shoe, it's not shy about not being a running shoes. I wear running shoes for running and work shoes for work (though those are a running model) and dress shoes for dress up and all of them are minimalist shoes.
The color of these shoes is definitely great!
(You did manage to take a picture though where I get a little hint of clown from the shoes, the one with the green pants, but it'S probably the angle :D.)
(I have seen at least one other brand do the little fake heel though my model doesn't have that. I have no idea how they compare in looks. In the pictures your shoes look better, though that could be lighting.)

03/27/18 @ 20:53
Comment from: [Member]


Considering how this is a minimalist shoe review site, it is not out of the question that our reviews cater to the preferences of a variety of enthusiasts.

This is why I always make recommendations based upon who I think each shoe was designed for and who I believe would enjoy the shoe the most.

I write more-so in the realm of a hard-core minimalist, looking for maximum flexibility and training of technique and providing just enough protection to keep one safe, but without interfering with the natural dexterity and motions of the human foot.

With that in mind, dress shoes for these types of runners would be shoes that are dressy enough for going out and light formal use, but still retain the spirit of a minimalist shoe, though there will inevitably be some tradeoffs.

In looking at the Zaqq, I cannot say anything about craftmanship and materials as I have not reviewed those shoes (but I'll be sure to email the manufacturers), but the heel is quite different from the one in the Claret FER. The Fer has a more natural looking false heel, while the Zaqq is more obvious when viewed from more angles.

In my view and experience, the FER is the most dressy of the minimalist dress shoes that I have seen. That does not mean that it is the most built up or thickest, but it is the most natural-looking when it comes to looking like a traditional dress shoe, while allowing for many minimalist benefits.

It may be too thick or not flexible enough for some, but would be a good fit for many.

04/02/18 @ 13:31
Comment from: Richard N [Visitor]  
Richard N

Thank you for your great review! I've ordered some Shamma Sandals and Soft Star Hawthornes because of your reviews and I've been happy with them both. I've now just ordered a pair of these Carets Co shoes and I'm waiting for them to ship. Would you be able to review a pair of Prime Trotters? I found a decent review on this website:

But I'd like to hear what you have to say.


04/09/18 @ 02:10
Comment from: [Member]


So happy to hear that you enjoy Shamma and Soft Star! They are both fantastic companies and we are quite glad that they keep innovating and improving their designs with each passing iteration!

Stay tuned for something from Shamma, just in time for summer!

Thanks for the suggestion!
We'll be reaching out to check out a pair of Prime Trotters!
Stay tuned!

04/09/18 @ 10:36
Comment from: Fey [Visitor]

Hey, thanks for your answer. I guess if running is your thing, you would compare everything to that.
What I like about the Zaqq shoes is that (at least some of the models) are actually quite square in front. I have short toes on feet that are wide in front, so my feet have almost no taper, so shoebox area is especially important to me.
(As a kid when I was still getting my feet measured regularly at the shoe store, we always knew to try on shoes a number bigger than the measurement said, because they would be too short at the side otherwise.)

And to reiterate: These shoes do look very luxurius and well made!

04/15/18 @ 15:44
Comment from: wvc [Visitor]

I bought a pair of these and will confirm that they are excellent, high-quality shoes. I wish they made a Chelsea or some sort of boot with this type of heel/sole. It's a GREAT looking shoe!

04/20/18 @ 16:12
Comment from: [Member]


As an avid runner, I searched high and low for quality minimalist dress and lifestyle shoes so my feet can enjoy the comfort of a wide toebox and my arches and be strengthened with a thin and flexible sole at all times.

Obviously, this is my own personal opinion, so it is always good to highlight different preferences in all my reviews.

I HIGHLY suggest that you reach out to Carets and suggest a new model! If someone can make a beautiful, but functional boot of this type, it's them!

04/20/18 @ 17:41
Comment from: [Member]

Hey PrimeTrotters!

Looking forward to it!

We have Richard M to thank for the first spark of our future review!

05/11/18 @ 09:32
Comment from: Avtar [Visitor]

I am looking for a pair of shoes to replace some old Merrell bearfoot running shoes that are at least 3-4 years old and are still a joy to wear but they are very worn and need replacing. I ordered their new version but they made me pronate terribly. Does anyone recommend a flat sole minimalist trail running shoe that is not 5 toes?

Thanks All

05/30/18 @ 19:45
Comment from: [Member]


You might like the Feelmax Vasko, Xeroshoes Prio,Topo ST-2 and COR.

If you browse around, you'll be sure to find something for you!

05/31/18 @ 18:35

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