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Will you be doing a review on the Feelmax Kuuva 4 boots? I see from their site that the Kuuva 4 has the same sole as the Vasko 2, which does indeed look like a vast improvement from the previous sole on the Vasko 1 and Kuuva 3, and from the scant details I've scrounged up from elsewhere on the internet, they improved on pretty much every single complaint people had about the Kuuva 3, but for the life of me I cannot find a single person who has reviewed the Kuuva 4 yet!! I'm desperate to read at least 1 review before buying them, but they seem as if they'd be absolutely the perfect boot I need to wear to work in winter months here in CO when it gets snowy.

I also saw 1 review of the Kuuva 3 on YouTube that said their pair of Kuuva 3 was not really waterproof at all, with water seeping in all over when it rained. Are the boots more waterproof against snow rather than pure water? I guess my real question here is, if you dip the Kuuva 3 (or Kuuva 4, if you're going to review them!) in standing water, will it start to seep in through the fabric, or are they really truly "waterproof"?

12/21/16 @ 18:34
Comment from: [Member]


YES! We have received a Kuuva 4 and will be posting a review after some testing!

I can say that they are a bit taller, warmer, and have a better sole than the previous Kuuva 3 that I reviewed a while back.

I would say, take a look at my Kuuva 3 review and make it taller and with a more aggressive sole.

The only issue I would have is that the tongue of the Kuuva 4 starts pretty low, so it won't give you any more puddle protection than the Kuuva 3, only more snow protection.

They are good against water, but only to a certain height. They are indeed waterproof!

Look out for a review in the new few weeks! Feel free to ask me any direct questions while I test them out.


12/21/16 @ 19:30
Comment from: HomoSapiensWannaBe [Visitor]

Could you please review the Vivobarefoot Tracker FG in the near future? It will be interesting to compare with the Kuuva 4.


12/25/16 @ 16:17
Comment from: [Member]


I have contacted Vivobarefoot about shoe reviews. I'll let you know if they send us anything!


12/27/16 @ 09:48
Comment from: Marlon [Visitor]

Thanks for the comments jarvis, I'm very curious to your take on the kuuva 4. I ordered a pair myself a few days ago.

12/31/16 @ 03:01
Comment from: Wolf Deiter [Visitor]  
Wolf Deiter

Where are these manufactured and assembled. Lots of info, but I didn't notice (did I miss it) where your article indicates this. Are they made in USA, Europe, free-trade manufacturing companies?

03/04/17 @ 14:45
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This is a review, so I am not going to touch upon the history of the company or anything like that. You can contact Feelmax for that information (their website is pretty helpful), but they are a Finnish shoe company and the Vasko II are labeled as "Made in China".

03/04/17 @ 15:07
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Hope you saw that we have a Kuuva 4 review up!

03/04/17 @ 15:08
Comment from: Isa [Visitor]

Hi Jarvis

Thanks for your detailed reviews. I'm hoping to get myself a pair of Vasko 2's but am confused on the sizing.

Their sizing chart would suggest that for a 26cm foot add 1cm of extra space which would give a size 42 shoe.

I currently use Lems 9to5's and Primal2's both in size 43 which is consistent with their sizing chart.

Your review model however is bigger for the Vasko2 (42) than the Primal2 (41).

Do you need to go up a size with the extra padding on the Vasko2?

Any tips appreciated.

04/23/17 @ 15:03

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