Comment from: Mountain Evan Chang [Visitor]  
Mountain Evan Chang

I love my Boulder boots. Btw the ridge that runs the periphery of the boot is called a moccasin toe, commonly shortened to moc-toe =)

12/27/17 @ 19:05
Comment from: [Member]

@Mountain — Ah of course! TIL. :D

12/28/17 @ 08:50
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]

Maybe it was just my experience - but I find the Lems shoes to be a bit stiff and uncomfortable especially when compared to VivoBarefoots. I tried on a pair of the Boulders and just didn't like the feel of them.

06/14/18 @ 15:48
Comment from: [Member]


I think that's pretty reasonable. In general, most Vivo soles are a bit more pliable (thinking specifically of my long-term favorites, the Vivo Oaks).

My favorite Lems are the 9to5s (wore them yesterday). And then the Vivo Oaks circa 2010, which were sadly disco'ed years ago.

06/15/18 @ 09:16
Comment from: Angelica [Visitor]  

I have been using the original Boulder Boot in black, and the leather Russet for he last winters. I got the leather to try it out at work. I work as a gardener/farmer, so often walk in muddy and wet conditions. The Boulder Boots is not really up for that. The biggest problem however is that the sole is very vulnerable to walking on gravell. Since I live in Sweden, we get snow. When the snow melts there is gravel. The sole is also extremely slippery on snow an ice. After I fixed the holes in the soles with glue, they became dangerously slippery.
Another downside is the fabric lining, which means I can only wear them in cold conditons.
On the good side is the width, the height above the toes, and also a bit thicker feel in the sole, if you want that.
I find that the leather Russet have shrunk after all the wetness I have put them through, and does not have the same shape anymore. The black originals are exactly the same as when I got them more than 5 years ago. The next pair will again be original black fabric, a size bigger since my feet got wider..

08/01/19 @ 16:10

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