Comment from: Fel [Visitor]

Finally, some colorways I can get behind! I just wish these had velcro instead of laces.

Oh well, guess I know what my new pair of street shoes will most likely end up being.

07/25/13 @ 15:23
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

I'm happy that this model is using a stretchy fabric as opposed to the unpleasant unstretchy fabrics used on the EL-X and the SeeYa LS.

Stretchiness comes in degrees, and I wonder how thse compare to other models. I really like the amount of stretchiness in my Bikilas (with Velcro Strap) and my Spyridons (also with Velcro strap).

On the other hand, I found the extreme stretchiness on the SeeYa (with Velcro strap) to be too much. I could roll the shoe off my foot (just like a rubber surf booty).

I, too, am a fan of the original Speed. I've worn out my original two pairs that I purchased when they were first released (in England) three years ago, and am now on a new, dull, all black pair.

The Speed is my favorite casual & work warm weather shoe partly because the fabric breathes well but also because the fabric has a pleasant feel -- probably the most pleasant feel of anything that VFF has offered.

The Speed would be my perfect warm weather shoe if the stretch of the upper were not so completely constrained by the stitching and various non-stretchy pieces. Since I have a very wide forefoot, this forces me to size up, which leaves a lot of empty space at the heel.

Back to this new "Lite" version of the Speed, I'm also disappointed that Vibram is using the klunky Trek sole with its overly aggressive (and probably totally useless)deep tread on the toes on this otherwise lightweight shoe. It would have been so much better if they had used the Spyridon sole, which is great for both walking and running. The Trek sole is, however, probably a better choice than the Bikila sole which quickly wears through at the heel with normal walking.

I will certainly try this new version of the Speed. Until I do, I can't really tell how much I'll like it.

07/25/13 @ 22:56
Comment from: ron [Visitor]


how would you compare the XC's mesh upper

07/26/13 @ 09:52
Comment from: [Member]

The XC Lite upper is much sturdier feeling than the Vapor Glove's upper. I'd guess it's more durable (though I haven't had any issues to date with my Vapors).

08/01/13 @ 10:22
Comment from: Sara [Visitor]

Ugh, the colorways are decent for the men's, but awful for women's. I was really looking forward to some new styles for this fall, and other than the colors, these look great, but I don't think I can bring myself to wear shoes with so much white.

08/07/13 @ 14:38
Comment from: Bernard [Visitor]

After 25 different pairs and colorful I just got this Speed XC light blue and I love it too , they all great with different feelings and flexibility ! ,the nature give us feet with specific Shape And Only Vibram fivefingers Look like Natural Shape with the toes freedom in motion to move seperatly and help our body to find the right balance ! , I love it for Life everywhere anytime !
we not suppose to wear shoes ! Vibram protect the bottom !

10/03/13 @ 21:26
Comment from: Franco Esteve [Visitor]
Franco Esteve

I just got these in blue and find them absolutely beautiful. Most people might think the blue is quite shocking, but I found it less shocking than the white parts. That blue is really, really nice IMHO. It's a bit lighter on mine than the blue of the soles and the photos show, but lovely. The interior of the XC Lite is exactly as you say, super soft and comfortable (I wear all my Vibrams sockless as well). I thought they might go well with jeans, but you're right that it doesn't quite work. Other combinations are more suitable. Actually, Vibram had it perfect with the golfing photos (part of what initially attracted me to get them along with some new KSO Evos which are simple awesome.)

My only real complaint (apart from the usual sizing issues which I've complained enough about before) is the choice of the Trek Sole which feels a bit thicker in these than in the Soft Leather Trek or TrekSport for some reason. They also feel a bit stiffer than those models, but I'm sure this will be resolved once I've broken them in properly.

I'm actually surprised they chose that sole and not the V-Classic sole (or maybe they will in the future since the Speed XC Lite is older than the V-Classic) or something a bit thinner. As I mentioned before, you should get Vibram to send you a pair of those to review. They look amazing. :)

05/09/14 @ 15:57
Comment from: Kaffer [Visitor]  

I have 2 pair of XC lites and they have lasted 5 (or so) years of daily teaching high school PE. It is time for some new 5 Fingers. What new models will be most comparable to the XC lites?


03/22/18 @ 15:46

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