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Spyridon LS Vibram FiveFingers Review

The Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS is a new Vibram FiveFingers model specifically built for trail running. It’s named after Spyridon Louis, the Greek shepherd who won the first modern-day marathon in the 1896 Athens Olympics. The course was run on dir…

The Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS is a new Vibram FiveFingers model specifically built for trail running. It’s named after Spyridon Louis, the Greek shepherd who won the first modern-day marathon in the 1896 Athens Olympics. The course was run on dirt roads which is where these FiveFingers were meant to be worn — on the trails. Since I’m big into trail running I was stoked to try out a pair of FiveFingers specifically built for just that. Full review, photos, and release date giveaway details after the jump!


These are some tough Vibrams. With such an aggressive tread pattern, these things look like they mean business. My pair are a military green and gray mix with a lugged outsole that closely resembles that of a mountain bike tire. There’s a contrasting white lined pattern on the top, a black and white beehive pattern on the sides, and a smooth raised gray overlay that runs around the back of the heel that gives it some structure. There’s a lot to look at, but somehow all those designs work well together.


Here’s the official press release of the specs:
A minimalist 3.5mm Vibram rubber sole provides impact protection from stones and debris, while allowing proper barefoot dynamics. The aggressive tread design delivers sure-footed grip in all directions, and molded polyester mesh in midsole adds a “rock block” effect, dispersing impact over a broader area. A Coconut Active Carbon upper offers natural breathability and an adjustable hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit. Reflective applications are applied for safety after dark. Available in dark olive/black/orange and military green/grey/black for men and orange/grey and military green/grey/black for women, with an MSRP of $120.
Sole/Tread: The 3.5mm Vibram rubber sole has a segmented rectangular pattern that allows you to have a greater range of motion. A molded polyester mesh is added in the midsole (called 3D Cacoon technology) for stone puncture protection while reducing weight. This disperses the impact over a broader area rather than letting it stick into the shoe. You can see it through the “window” on the bottom of the sole. Upper: The upper is made of Coconut Active Carbon and is a little more robust than an average VFF upper to protect your feet from dirt and debris. The area with the beehive pattern on the back of the heel has a little bit of perforation for ventilation. Closure: The laces on these are the perfect length (not too long) and are easy to adjust. They are noticeably shorter than the laces on the KomodoSport LS. They are made of some sort of memory wire so they always stay in position and don’t hang like a regular shoe lace. Footbed: This model does not have a removable footbed. The insole is stitched-in polyurethane. Weight: My size 38 weighs in at 4.9oz each (9.8oz a pair) Washing: I threw them in the washing machine and they came out perfectly clean. Dyring Tip: I put them in front of a fan to dry them quicker … works perfect every time!


The 38 fits me true to size. The tongue is soft and gives lots of cushioning to the top of the foot. The upper is noticeably thicker than an average pair of FiveFingers to protect your feet from rocks and trail debris. I can definitely tell that it’s thicker too. It’s comfortable, but it doesn’t feel as porous or well ventilated as some other FiveFingers do. Even without a footbed, the stitched-in insole is comfortable, but the interior feels a little more slick and smoother than a Vibram with the typical soft lining. I had some problems with the inside of the heel. There’s a seam running down the inside of the back of the heel that caused small blisters on both feet. (See this photo for the exact point). It gave me a lot of sharp pain on the first two or three runs. It was so unbearable that it forced me to walk the last bit of my runs back home. I was determined to break them in so I let my feet heal, gave them another shot, and I haven’t had any more problems with it since. I can still feel the seam in there though… it can be a little irritating at times, but I haven’t had any more blisters from it. I’ve also had some issues with the left foot. Halfway through every run, the outside edge of my pinky toe always gets sore. A small blister formed and now I’m starting to build up a little callus there which has helped stop the pain. I haven’t experienced this with my right foot though—only the left. I inspected the shoe and can’t figure out what’s causing it. I’ve also had a blister form on the inner part of my left foot when I first started wearing them. I noticed that there are some seams and raised surfaces in that part of the shoe, but it doesn’t explain why it only happens on one foot. My left foot is smaller than my right, so it’s not a fit issue. Maybe it’s because the interior isn’t as soft and forgiving as other Vibram toe shoes or it could just be chalked up to a pre-production issue.

Tread Performance

I’m an avid trail runner so I couldn’t wait to take the Spyridons for a spin. I’ve been running in them about three times a week for three to five miles each time. I ran on a single track dirt trail with lots of big hills, rocks, switchbacks, snakes, mountain bikers … you name it. So how’s this new tread? Absolutely amazing! Not only does it look like a mountain bike tire, but it feels a little like I’m wearing one on my foot. The lugs grip the ground really well and provide lots of traction on steep hills. What’s most surprising about the tread is how flexible it feels despite how thick and robust it is. I feel extremely agile and can traverse all kinds of terrain with more freedom of movement. When comparing the tread on the Spyridons and the KomodoSports, I get a greater range of motion with the new multiplied lugged pattern whereas the KomodoSports feels more rigid throughout the entire sole. I also get pretty decent dexterity and ground feel considering the thickness of the tread. Also, a huge win for these VFFs is that I’ve had noticeably less pain from running over the occasional sharp rock. The mesh layer added in the midsole is meant to disperse impact and it seems to be doing it’s job! Mud: I tested them on the trail after it rained to see how they would hold up to muddy conditions. As expected, the tread ended up getting completely caked in mud like any shoe would (see the photo). But for the most part, the aggressive tread helped minimize slippage and I was able to do my entire run.


I’m sold! Even though they caused me a little bit of pain, I’m willing to keep working with them to break them in even more. As a regular trail runner, the tire-like tread makes a big difference to me. I get a lot more flexibility throughout the entire foot while having noticeably less pain from stomping on rocks. I’m stoked to see Vibram experimenting with new designs and creating a VFF that is specifically meant for trail running. I can’t wait to see where they go with this tread pattern on future VFFs. Pros
  • Great traction
  • Very flexible despite the robust outsole
  • Provides great protection from rocks
  • Laces are shorter and easy to use
  • Easy to Wash
  • Seam is irritating on the heels
  • Not as breathable as other VFFs
  • Pinky toe pain on left foot is persistent
Be sure to check out Tim’s big showdown between the KSO Trek FiveFingers and the Spyridon LS in his KSO Trek vs. Spyridon LS review.

UPDATE: Updates to my original tester pair

Good news! I received a final production model of the Spyridons to test and I didn’t have the issues I had with the other pair. The problems I encountered could just be chalked up to pre-production issues. These red/gray pair perform the same, but have slight differences in the construction. Here’s what I found… The pain on my left pinky toe magically disappeared. After checking it out, I noticed that the seam is not as bulky inside of the pinky toe pocket. This makes me think it was probably just a pre-production issue. Also, the seam on the back of the heel is nowhere near as irritating and hasn’t caused any blisters. Although, when I take them off after running the trail for 45 minutes, I have red marks on the back of my heels from the thickness of the seam. It’s not painful, it’s just a little red… not sure how this would effect my skin on a much longer run. Another thing to note is that the laces are shorter in the red pair. They don’t leave a lot of room for adjustment (you can see this in the photo), but I don’t mind it since I don’t need a lot of extra slack. Also, the gray rubber sole (not the tread) seems to be a little more rigid and robust in the red pair. It feels a tiny bit thicker when I bend it. It’s also slightly textured whereas the black sole is completely smooth. You can see the difference in the comparison photos. This difference is negligible as I didn’t notice a change whatsoever in performance. I get the same great flexibility, agility, and protection from rocks. Again, I’m in love with the Spyridons. They’re my go-to trail running VFF. Hopefully they will fit similar to the red/gray pair once they hit the stores and be free from the issues that I initially had with the pre-production versions. If you get a pair for yourself I’d love to know what you think about them!

Pricing and Availability

Justin here. The Spyridon LS were first released on 2/10/2012! They retail for $120 and size similarly to the Bikila though as with all FiveFingers, sizing is pretty unique to each fan. Go with your gut. If you like online shopping, we recommend ordering the FiveFingers Spyridon LS from a retailer with a strong track record of standing by customer service and having a solid inventory at reasonable prices. Mind, since the Spyridon LS is a brand new FiveFingers model, you’re not going to find it anywhere on sale. That said, you shouldn’t have any problem finding it with free shipping. Here are a couple retailers you might check out first —
  • TravelCountry — $119.95 — stocked in men’s and women’s in all colorways
  • CitySports — $99.95 — stocked in men’s and women’s in select colorways
If neither of those have your size and colorway in stock, hop over to the BirthdayShoes Store to find other legit (not fakes!) retailers who might be carrying the SeeYa FiveFingers!

By Leah

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Great review! I am so stoked for the release of these shoes that I’ve already pre-ordered them from Born to Run. The rock-block effect is particularly of interest to me as I run in a lot of rocky areas. Glad to hear that they run true to size too.

So now we’ve re-invented the cross country racing flat, but now with toe pockets! 😉 Seriously, what is the crossing point between pre-existing, light weight racing flats (road and trail) and these more built up versions of VFFs? I’m thinking we’re about there. So the deciding factor comes down to style. To each their own but I’ll stick with racing flats. Also, having more of a rock-plate is good, but main issue with ALL the VFFs on trails is the danger of toe fracture from kicking rocks or being unnaturally spread during a trip. So I guess if your a VFF fan then this is the way to go if you also like shorter trail runs. For longer runs I still think having a bit more sure will pay dividends.

Great review Leah. I like running trails, but mine aren’t as technical as the ones you appear to be running . . . yet. I’ve only been on this minimalist wagon for about a year, but it’s been a fun year of running that I actually have enjoyed. The Spyridon looks pretty aggressive and there some trails nearby which would be great to use the Spyridon on. If you can, as far as ground-feel how would you compare them to the Bikila LS?


In that picture of you running in profile, are you heel-striking?!

Nice review. I like the look of these. Two comments:

1) I have totally given up on wearing VFFs without Injinji socks. If you have callouses, something is wrong. Injinji socks provide that projection from seams as well as rubbing points.

2) Leah – have you ever worn KSO Treks? These two models seem to be head-to-head competitors. I’d be intersted in your opinion of which is better for the trails and why. At $120 for these and $125 for the Treks, the price isn’t an issue. It comes down to durability, comfort and performance.

I would like to know what the comfort level is across the top of the foot is like with the LS. I have the Komodo LS and they are the least comfortable of all my fives. After about 30 minutes the laces hurt, uncomfortable and very annoying. Also, the heel always feels it will torque out from the heel cup.

What? I thought everybody runs on their heels! 😉

Didn’t mean to throw everybody off with the photo. Although my form is not perfect by any means, this isn’t my normal form… we were just trying to get an action shot… It takes around 100 shots just to get one decent photo… I’ll get a better one next time! 🙂

@Max Hey, that’s a great idea, I’d love to make some wallpapers!

@PB Junkie I still have to watch my footing (as with any shoe) but it seems to do a pretty good job!

@Rob I’ve been running in the Spyridons for a few months now. They’re much more robust and protect my toes better than a more minimalistic model like the Sprints. I’ll run into a rock on occasion, but I don’t feel the pain as much as I would in the Sprints. So far so good!

@GD I haven’t tried the Bikilas so I can’t compare… but the Spyridons have a decent amount of ground feel given how robust they are.

@Treks and Treksports Great question! I bought a pair of the TrekSports a long time ago and had to return them because they caused blisters on the inside of both my arches every single time I ran in them. It was a bummer because I really loved they way fit and how well they protected my feet from rocks (they are very rigid throughout the sole). From what I can remember, the sole wasn’t as flexible as the Spyridons though.

@EdH I just got some Injinjis… I prefer not wearing socks, but I’m interested to try them out! I haven’t worn the KSO Treks, but I’d love to see how they would compare.

@MJ That’s interesting… I wonder what’s causing that. I haven’t had any issues with the laces. Maybe try adjusting them during your runs.. I usually tighten/loosen them before running on steep inclines and descents.

how is the ground feel in these compared to the treks? i stopped wearing mine because my cross country team does alot of road work as well as trail running, and i could feel the cleats through the sole. they were also stiff and the inside was really hot. are these any better?

@Leah: There seems to be a lot of space for rocks or mud to get into the shoe. Did you use these shoes in any deep puddle or something (beyond the Achilles tendon), I mean, did you cover all the shoes in a puddle or something during your runs? Is the same problem running in the beach with bikila and, without socks, it’s a big issue, more than just the blisters.

The version without laces seems to be a better choice regarding that issue.

@GabeM I haven’t worn the Treks so I can’t compare, but I like the ground feel on these on any terrain. To me it feels a little like wearing a bike tire on my foot and I’d say the impact is pretty evenly dispersed. My favorite thing about the outsole is how flexible it is. It doesn’t feel rigid throughout the midsole like some of the other robust VFFs. Also, since the upper is thicker, they don’t have the best ventilation in the VFF lineup and tend to wear a little hot.

@Alex Lasan Vibram is always innovating, so maybe they’ll expand their line to target specific sports soon.

@TC I haven’t completely submersed them yet. I agree, VFFs without the laces would be better for fighting off debris. Although, I ran in the KomodoSports on the beach for an hour a few weeks ago and still couldn’t keep sand from piling into the heel.

After running a fairly technical trail today in KSO Treks, I am wondering of that gap or whatever it is where the arch is on these VFFs is enough to protect against rocks of you miss a step. I definitely felt it on my KSO Treks but the sole is thick enough it offered some protection.

Is the arch design thin and of a flimsy material or is it fairly rigid serving a purpose.

My treks are losing their tread and the bmx bike tire pattern really appeals to me. Just want to know it will work on more technical trails.

I run barefoot or in VFF Bikila’s for nearly everything but not happy in a long, rough trail with stones / bruising. These look great & a bit more protection but I echo Rob’s comment about toe damage – I almost ripped off my little toe on a tree root covered in leaves. Its now a twice as thick as the other & I’m having to find something with a closed toe box for long runs “into the wild”.

These are pretty cool shoes. I’d love to try a pair for a little off road action. Great article, thanks for sharing.

I can not wait for these to come out. I can just imagine the amount of fun I will have with this pair, uh just can’t even wait.

I want to try these spyridom! for my sprint does not have much grip for my bike trips .. I like it very comfortable, unless I get blisters on my thumb, and so as I said justin, seams should be tame … I hope … the I love!!

“Fits true to size” never helped me much — I don’t think shoe sizing is anywhere close to standardized. Even within the same brand (e.g., Vibrams VFF), different shoes have different sizing. I wear one size in Treks and Sprints and another one (one down) in Bikilas. I have finally landed on a Bikila size that works for me. Would that same size be the one to order for the Spyridon? Thanks.

Gary, I think everyone is different. I wear one size for Bikila, KSO, Sprints, and Classics, but one size down for KSO Treks.

I ordered the Spyridons in my normal size. Won’t know until it gets here if that was the right call or if I should go up/down one.

@EdH The arch is robust and I haven’t had any issues so far with rocks.. As with any footwear, you still have to watch your footing but I think the added mesh technology works great to disperse the impact.

@John The Spyridons are constructed with a robust upper to help alleviate that. I haven’t had any toe stubbing issues so far.

@Mr. Leigh Thanks for reading!

@Julie @Anthony @lalileon Awesome, I think you’ll really dig ’em!

@Gary Yes, everyone is different and sizing any footwear can be difficult.. I usually wear a size 38 in all VFFs.

I know I am not a women and of course this review isnt of the womens version but oh well.
I ran my first trail run in the new Vibram Fivefinger Spyridon LS today. It was an easy 7 miles through mud, creeks, uphill and spent some time on gravel roads too. I must say, I absolutely enjoyed running in them. They provided perfect balance of protection and ground feel. I purposely ran down gravel roads just to ensure they protected against rocks. The shoe provided good drainage when running through standing water and provided good traction when running uphill and through slippery clay. I am very happy with my purchase and give vibrams kudos on a well made shoe!!

How do these work on firmer ground? I live in Pittsburgh and the ground around here tends to get pretty dry and hard during the late summer months. Also the only “trail” I don’t have to drive to has some paved segments to it. Obviously it will wear the treads down faster but would there be any other real problem with using these in place of my KSO on ground that is not as soft?

Let me add to my post above, that I am doing a Tough Mudder in May and don’t feel that my normal KSOs will be up to the task. These seem great for that but my normal running is not in a mud pit so I don’t want to drop $120 for a pair that I can’t use most of the time.


@dennis – these will work just fine on hard and paved surfaces, but as you note, on asphalt and concrete, you’ll wear the tread down faster. On hard dirt, I don’t think it will make a difference. I was very careful to keep mine off of paved surfaces, but still had to go about 50 yards on concrete. They were just fine. Not as much feel as in a pair of KSOs, but you cannot really run a trail in KSOs either.

I have a half-marathon coming up in March that is 3+ miles road, 9+ miles dirt. I’ll wear these, but not looking forward to the asphalt part due to tread wear. 3mi shouldn’t be a huge deal.

i got a huge blister from the spot where the leather overlay is attached!!! that’s too bad since i love everything else about this model. i was going to wear these for the SoCal Tough Mudder, but now i have to settle for the KomodoSport LS.

Ive been planning on going back packing for almost a year now and now it will be happening in april the big debate was do i wear my year old treksports or go back to my old hiking boots (which I was wearing when I got a stress fracture of one of the sesamoid bones (like a knee cap) in my big toe) i really didn’t want to go back to restricting footwear but I know that rocks (especially hidden ones) have been a big problem when they hit my arch area. So when I read about the spyridons I knew that was what I needed. I just them today and I am wearing them as I write this. Now I’m not sure if its because my treksports are fairly worn but since I was wearing them into the store I was able to do a direct comparison and noticed the spyridons were noticeably stiffer and more rugged (almost creating arch support) Granted these aren’t broken in at all but I definitely noticed a difference in ground feel. I was put off at first by this but then I thought of how great it will be when I’m heading down a steep rocky trail and land on a nice sharp rock hiding in the leaf litter. Ill be starting to break them in this week and I cant wait to be flying over the trails on my multi-day trip. 🙂

@Robert Awesome! I agree, they definitely have the right balance of protection and ground feel.

@Dennis I agree with what @EdH said…They will work just fine on hard surfaces, but the tread will probably wear down faster.

@Hai That’s a bummer! But the Komodosport LS is such a great VFF too. Good luck on the Tough Mudder!

@Kitkatbird I think you’re going to fall in love with the Spyridons. If you want something that will protect your arch better, these are the ticket. I still have to watch my footing in them while hiking on the trails, but it beats wearing a heavy constricting boot. I wish I had them when I went trekking in Peru 2 years ago. I actually hiked the Andes in the Sprints since none of the new VFF models had come out yet…(tough stuff!)

Awesome Shoe!!! I’ve run in VFF’s the last two years and run exclusively on trails. I usually work in a pair of KSO’s but I have a good collection to choose from. My favorite shoes for the running I do have been the Treksport and Bakila LS. This winter I was in a pair of Icebug Anima Studded shoes which were the ticket in ice and snow. I went to our local VFF dealer the day they put out the Spyridons. I’m very impressed with the rock guard features and they work with a minimum of deadening the VFF feeling that I love. It took me about 2 months of running trails before my feet got used to hitting those hidden rocks and I came to actually enjoy it it a weird sort of way. With the Spyridons I can run downhills faster because I’m not as afraid of the “ouch.” I ran my standard loops on the Tubbs Hill trails in Couer d’ Alene I’d been on all winter and took over five minutes off my 50min run the first time out. It didn’t hurt that it was the first gorgeous spring day this year and I was loving just playing in it, but the shoes did make a difference as well. Conditions were very mixed with some dry, muddy, and even slushy trails. I had great traction even on some very steep up and downs on lesser used trails. The lacing system was solid and the toes seem to be cut a little extra long with a better bumper than the Treksports and I didn’t wince when stubbing a toe. I usually run without socks but got my Bakila LS a size bigger so I could for some extra warmth. The Spyridon allows socks or sock free in the same size shoe. If you don’t like feeling the rocks but still want the feel of being barefoot these are the way top go.

Shannon, my 2¢ – no VFF is suited for biking. Right tool for the right job. Our feet were meant to run, walk, jump, hike, etc. They weren’t designed for pedals, so you need help with that, otherwise you put undue & unnatural pressure on very specific parts of the foot.

I wear VFFs almost exclusively, but when on the motorcycle, I use boots and when biking, non-minimalist shoes that evenly distribute that tiny pedal across the area of my foot.

It depends on your preferences. I personally like the KomodoSports for everyday use – it is what I wear at work. For hiking, if you need the grip, the KSO Treks or Treksports have decent tread. The Spyridon LS has a better tread but not sure it is necessary unless you are running when you often need as much grip as possible on trails.

If you want one shoe for both, the KomodoSport is definitely worth a look. Good upper feel and a decent tread that would probably be enough on most hiking ventures.

Who here has had trouble fitting into the Komodosport LS and Spyridion LS, me I have it actually quite frustrated me for some time as I really wanted to use them in Ultimate Frisbee (we play in a softball field that’s laden with pot holes, sand, bare soil and rocks) so I tried once more at my local Luke’s Locker, to fit in the regular Komodosport, what transpired blew my mind. The gentle man helping figured out my issue, I don’t have a really high instep or weird foot structure problems I just happen to have a high volume foot which is easy enough to cram into Bikila LS and Speed, what was stopping my foot was that darned new speed lace that they changed… on the Bikila LS they made it nice and long but on the Komodosport LS and Spyridion LS they shortened it and instead of elastic make it out of some really tough regular string for some silly reason, the solution: Custom speed lace… yes I, with a cringe, cut the original speed lace they had and got a bungee speed lace they had in store that was a lot longer AND IT WORKS WONDERFULLY!!! Will post pics and more once I really test them out

Just bought these from TravelCountry after reading your review (and many others). TravelCountry had free shipping and a free pair of Injinji socks $10 value. Pretty sweet.

“and molded polyester mesh in midsole adds a “rock block” effect, dispersing impact over a broader area.”
That sounds kind of like a rock plate, which is the antithesis of a barefoot shoe. Can you feel the “mesh” when you wear the spyridons?

Re EdH – bike shoes

I bike in Trek LS, the sole is stiff enough to distribute pressure somewhat. I only bike 5-10 miles at a time though. Do you have any recommendations for serious bike use?

The lace totally sucks.. It snaps at the part attached to the velcro before i wore it for the first time.. now showing sign of almost snapping wearing it second time.. The soles is very good tho..

I recently competed in the Tough Mudder competition in the Poconos, PA and wore my new Spyridons. First off, running in VFF’s completely blows away normal sneakers for trail running. This new tread on the Spyridons greatly increased traction and rock-blocking. They don’t breathe as well as my KSOs but I don’t think that was the point in design. Although after getting my feet wet, muddy, and dirty (and repeat), my feet stayed fresh and unscathed. I have yet to get any blisters from these which is an added bonus. The tie laces on top are a little inconvenient when getting them on as I feel they could’ve offered a bit more length, but it’s really no big deal. All in all, I feel like this is the best option for trail running and the beehive design is their most bad ass one yet!


I’m seventeen, and doing cross country this fall. I was planning on getting the Bikila LS, because it has shape for high arches, but then the Spyridon caught my eye. I don’t mind paying the extra money for them, but I want to know these few questions: (pardon me if I’m asking questions that have already been answered! I only skimmed through the comments)

1. Do they have a “Barefoot Feel?”

2. Are they built to accommodate high arches?




Enoch, I like the barefoot feel the Spyridon’s have. It isn’t as good as a KSO or Classic, but that is to be expected.

As for high arches, I am not sure any VFF is built to accommodate any particular arch. They have an arch curve, but no support.

To answer your first question, there is a Barefoot feel but it’s really muted even more so if you like to wear the minimalist socks (I’d spell them but I’d get it wrong), it feels like walking on bumpy carpet with the socks on.

Now your second question presents quite a conundrum: Vibram’s says they can, that’s what the speed lace is suppose to do. But no they do not, considering the fact that they decided to not make the speed lace elastic at all and they made it really short…

However, what has been working for me, I have similar issue. All I did was clip the speed lace, I know that they are forever mine now but I love them anyways, and then replace them with a speed bungee, same concept but now it elastic enough to allow your foot in and still fit comfortably

Just finished my second trail race in these. Loved having these shoes on my feet.

It’s strange to read comments about people worrying about losing ground feel. Never once did I want to feel more of the ground! All those rocks were nicely muted so I could keep a strong pace, and the sting I would get up my legs on the fast descents was enough; people want more of that?

This race was much more technical than the previous (wet and muddy) event. For both races the tread proved wonderful for traction, but I was especially impressed with the courage I gained as I bombed the trecherous down hill sections of this latest race. Steep, often unstable, and with sliperry little rocks, I couldn’t imagine a better sole.

I had noticed at the beginning line up that there were quite a few runners with street running shoes and I felt sorry for them as I bombed through this event.

Like my last race, I had sweaty feet and ended up with a stinging skin abrasion on my left inner foot. Not going to try these shoes ever again without socks. My Bikilas are a dream sockless, but with these I just can’t get away with it. Hopefully I can squeeze a pair of the thinner toe-socks inside?

I also have a pair of NB-MT00 and they have a very good sole, but are just a tad snug (and I would not want to go up a half size) so the Vibrams Spydies are my go to trail-shoe for now.

@Tom Aren’t they great? That’s awesome that you were able to shed five whole minutes off of your run!

@Justin Let us know how you like them!

@Jay No, you don’t notice the “mesh” at all.

@Sky.Live Interesting…that hasn’t happened to me. Could’ve been a manufacturing defect.

@Matt Completely agree with everything you said! Good to hear they’re working out well for you!

@Enoch Even though they are a tougher VFF, they definitely still have a barefoot feel to them. The great thing about the outsole is how robust yet flexible it is. If you plan on doing lots of trail running, this is your ticket. As far as the arches go, they fit like most standard VFFs…no additional arch support added.

@michaelp That’s just one of the things I love about the Spyridons…you can easily bomb down the hills with confidence and you don’t have to worry about losing traction. Sorry to hear about the blisters – maybe they’ll wear in more over time.

@EdH Thanks for all the great input! 🙂

look’s like it’s a manufacturing defects, only happens on the Right side of the shoe, left side is completely well, i bought stretchable bungee cord to replace it since the original lace aint useful anyway

Sooo excited to try out some of these! I love running truly barefoot, but the bruises on the soles of my feet suck. I see REI lists Spyridon’s without laces. Are those legit? They aren’t on the VFF website.

SarahJ – I’ve seen the laceless Spyridon’s at an REI store personally. They are VFFs. Not sure why they aren’t on the VFF site. Maybe they are an REI exclusive for now?

Ah hah! A small local shop (legit retailer) had them in my size! Wearing them right now. Can’t wait for work to be over to give them a go.

Those other ones must be an REI thing because this guy said the rep was just in and never mentioned the laceless ones.

I was thrilled to buy my pair of Spyridon’s 2 months ago…but now I’m disappointed. I bought 38 which was snug in the store – now it is very loose. Dirt kicked up on the trail is constantly getting in thru the very loose back heel. The tread is another problem…the middle three toes have tread that is already thinning down. I suspect I won’t be wearing these much longer. I had a pair of TrekSports that lasted 1000 miles, quite a bit of that pavement. The Spyridons will definitely not last that long.

Leah’s review convinced me, and I just ordered a pair. I’ve heard two reports of 1,000+ mile lifespans on VFFs, and this is the main reason I’m switching from my other minimalist shoes, which always tore up around 300 miles. Think of the money saved if this is true!
I love the comment “michaelp” made about ground feel. There are a few soft trails that I enjoy running barefoot. Otherwise all my trails are predominantly technical (rocky), and minimalist shoes + long runs = more achy soles. Most of my fellow ultra runners run in shoes with rock plates. I don’t have any romantic notions of ground feel on technical trails after 20-30 miles.

I just bought mine two weeks ago. started to see wear on the lugs but that’s to be expected cuz I have to run 5km of asphalt and concrete to get to the local trails. I have no problems with bombing downhills and uphills. Traction is spot on on mud and clay. My concern is that it’s slippery on wet boulders/rocks.

I’m new to barefoot running, thinking of picking up the Spyridon LS.

My main concern would be that while I do run about half to a third my total distance on trails, a significant portion is still on concrete, roads and even the stadium track I pass by where I do a couple of rounds.

Would the Spyridon still be acceptable for me? Really love the feel of the Spyridon just from trying it out at the store. Or should I go for something more suited for road running?

I do intend to head the gym as well.

Appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!

Apologies for the repeated post, but also..

The concrete and asphalt road I frequent is often wet, filled with leaves and twigs. I’m leaning towards the Spyridon for that reason as well, it rains heavily where I live and the extra grip would be a lifesaver. Concern about wearing out my treads in less than a year though.

Got the gray/olive pair- on sale. Love them. I walked a few times in them and they seemed higher thN my bikalas and rubbed a little on heel and under ankle bone. Jogged 3.5 today- my left foot felt great and i got a nasty blister on my righr heel and some big bubble blisters on the inside by my arch- it follows the black ” strap ” thats made out of different material. They felt great on the trail. I think after a few more runs they’ll be fine

I have a question for anyone- do you notice that they stretch some in that area of the black “strap” around the midfoot? It’s made of some other material, suede like, and it’s really tight on one foot. I’m wondering if it’s a manufacturing defect because in others I’ve tried on I didn’t notice it being so tight. Has anyone gotten some stretch out of that spot, any help/advice would be appreciated.

I just bought a pair of these…first run in them this morning ~ massive blisters on my heels 🙁 I hope they wear in like yours did!

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