Comment from: AimeeE [Visitor]

My sister and I had a great time hiking (and educating) while wearing our treksports in Zion this spring. The only problem I had was the sustained downhill stretches kept pinching my toes. Did you have that problem? Any thoughts?

10/11/11 @ 13:22
Comment from: [Member]

The downhills are always tough on the legs and feet but I didn't have any problems with my toes in these. The material is much softer on the KomodoSports than the TrekSports.. maybe that could be a factor?

10/11/11 @ 16:42
Comment from: The Yeti [Visitor]
The Yeti

Nice review! I love hiking in my VFFs. They seem to grip everything much better than hiking boots, and I never once was worried about my footing. Also, others that were wearing boots/sneakers were complaining about walking on uneven surfaces and that their ankles bothered them. In VFFs your feet flex around those uneven surfaces and prevent the top of the shoe from pushing against your ankles.

The only thing that is worse is heading downhill I find, at least with a 40lb pack on. Maybe I need to work on my downhill form, but I find I'm not able to bomb down the hill, and am constantly braking. That puts a lot of pressure on my knee and I had a pretty bad strain in the middle of a 55k trek. It may just be down to form though.

That aside, VFF's are great off-road. I'll definitely have to do that hike one day if I find myself in Yosemite. Fantastic pictures!

10/12/11 @ 13:13
Comment from: Terry B [Visitor]
Terry B

That looks awesome! Brings back memories from a couple of years back when I was there with my dad. We hiked to Sentinal Dome and I wore KSO's. Next time there, I want to do Half Dome. At his age, and fear of Heights, Half Dome was not an option.

Just got back from Vegas and went to Red Rocks (hiked in VFF's),then Zion and used KSO's for three days of hiking.
Loved it and saw a small handful of others in VFF's, but still have quite a few comments/questions about them.

One of the shuttle drivers @ Zion was wearing the new Trek LS VFF's and we chatted about those.

Nice article and great pictures!!

10/12/11 @ 14:34
Comment from: sandra [Visitor]

Shoes look soft and nonslip,perfect for mountain climbing,also colorful!

10/12/11 @ 21:51
Comment from: [Member]

@The Yeti Trekking 55K in VFFs with a 40lb pack is no small feat! You have to have some strong knees for that. Completely agree about walking on uneven surfaces. I've never rolled my ankle and I've always felt more stable in VFFs.

@Terry B Thanks! We drive to Vegas a few times a year but haven't been to Red Rocks or Zion yet. That's next on the list! I would definitely wear these KomodoSports to hike around there.

@Sandra They are extremely soft and come in a few different color combos!

10/13/11 @ 01:06
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]  

So these things are basically trail shoes with toe pockets and heavier than most of the Inov-8 minimalist trail shoe line. And as thick as they are there really isn't much difference between them and a a lot of thin soled trail shoes out there. I can promise Inov-8 has better traction all around as well. But hey if you like toe pockets and the unusual look, knock yourself out! :)

10/13/11 @ 15:17
Comment from: [Member]


The KomodoSports are less thick-soled than the KSO Treks and the Bikilas IIRC. They're roughly 7mm thick (KSOs are something like 6mm).

Are you telling me that Inov-8s minimalist trail shoes are as flexible in the sole and move as dynamically with your feet as a pair of FiveFingers?

If they are (excluding their EvoSkin), then that would be pretty remarkable.

10/14/11 @ 09:11
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]  

No doubt FiveFingers would hold the title in terms of flexibility and being dynamic in the sole. However, there are plenty of minimalist trail shoes out there, Inov-8 in particular, while they might not be quite a flexible or dynamic as a VFF, are pretty darn good and over the long haul have far superior traction, full foot protection, adequate toe box for toe splay, etc... all at about the same weight or less than some of the heavier VFFs. I'm just saying that at the heavier/thicker end of the VFF line there is, in my mind, very little difference or distinctness between them and A LOT of pre-existing racing flats and minimalist trail shoes... In other words doesn't strike me as a real big deal that folks are doing the sorts of activities they are in these thicker/heavier VFFs. There is a much bigger difference in a VFF classic or KSO and racing flats / minimalist trail shoes.

Just not understanding all the hype I guess. I'm an occasional VFF/Huarache wearer and I they're a fun tool to use on occasion on easier terrain but there is not enough protection in them for the types of activities I enjoy; running fast on gnarly terrain. I'll stick with my Inov-8s et al. for those activities.

10/14/11 @ 11:00
Comment from: Rachel [Visitor]  

Great review, Leah! I got the Komodosport as my first pair of VFF's and I noticed the same pros and cons. But I haven't really taken them on the trail yet, so your input was very helpful.

Additionally, I'm planning a backpacking trip through Northern Europe come August, and I was planning to grab the KSO Trek's while there were still a few pairs out there. But after reading your review I'm debating whether or not to just stay with the Komodosports and get a more casual, breathable style like the KSO. :/

Any thoughts?

02/11/12 @ 15:01
Comment from: Ming [Visitor]

Thanks for the review! I'm looking to get another pair of VFFs — one for running (training for a half), one for the gym (plyos, UJam, and occasional P90X2 when I am coerced...). I have a pair of Bikilas that I'm using both running/ hiking and the gym.

I'm torn between getting a minimalist running style (See Ya's) for running, and keep the Bikilas for everything else. OR. Getting a more robust pair (like the KomodoSports or Spydrons) for the gym and keeping my Bikilas for running.

You have such great reviews for all the shoes. Based on your experiences, what would you recommend?

02/14/12 @ 23:50
Comment from: [Member]

@Rachel It depends on the type of backpacking trip you'll be on. The KSO Treks will be great if you need something for long treks on rugged trails. I've never worn them, but I would definitely look into getting a pair if I were planning a big trek. If you think they might be overkill, the KomodoSports are a fantastic universal VFF. You can pretty much wear them for most activities. I use them for running on pavement and dirt trails, hiking, and walking. I love them!

@Ming Thanks for reading! It's a tough call. It really depends on the activity you will be doing most of and which VFF is most comfortable to you. If you plan on doing more training on pavement you may want to look into the SeeYas. They are the most minimal VFF in the lineup and are built for the road. The KomodoSports are a great universal VFF for hiking, running, the gym, etc. Spyridons are the perfect robust trail running model (they have a little more flexibility in the sole than the KomodoSports)... and I haven't tried out the Bikilas so I can't comment on them.

02/20/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: brandon [Visitor]

i was wondering what your normal shoe size was. im a guy looking to get a size 39 and thats following a website but i just wanted to make sure if you think thats an accurate translation

08/15/12 @ 12:54
Comment from: Ponzy [Visitor]

Great write up and review. Just wondering if I could ask a question, a bit off topic re:VFF but wondering how wide your lens used while you were in half dome hike? I have 10-22 and 28 and I'm only planning to bring either one. Thanks in advance. Secondly, I'm shopping for a "lighter" hiking boots to use in half dome this year. That's where I found your blog. And I'm kinda leaning towards this shoe but would it be stretchy enough to fit a wide foot? Again thanks in advance.

04/03/13 @ 15:35

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