Comment from: Keith Norris [Visitor]  
Keith Norris

Cool! Yeah, I absolutely love my 5-Fingers (I currently rock the black KSOs) for sprinting, weightlifting, and just kickin' around the house. They *are* the official shoe of the Paleo set!

04/27/09 @ 16:08
Comment from: SYDNEY [Visitor]

The first I hear about vibrams was on Richard's site 'free the animal', I am very interested in nutrition and his sight is very interesting about that. It wasn't obvious to me at first why they had toes but Richard explained that to me. I really had to have a pair and got my first pair, classics from ebay for about 1/2 of e store price. It took me forever to get used to them! I had to take time to even get used to wearing toed socks. It was too cold here in the uk to wear the vibrams outside so I'd wear them for an hour or so around the house. By the time warm weather came my feet were preped. I really love these shoes. Just yesterday I recieved my second pair, performas. I had to pay full price-dispite much searching couldn't find this style discounted. When I saw for the first time a bright coral red, a colour I'd not seen elsewhere, I had to bite the bullet and pay full whack! I hope to post a pic on the forum as I think the colour is quite unusual. But I know from the packaging and the shoes themselves these are genuine five fingers. Sydney

06/03/10 @ 00:09

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