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Robin and Erik Take on Indonesia in Vibram Five Fingers

Robin and Erik (photoed above and also see the additional photos below!) took a two week trip to Ind

Robin and Erik (photoed above and also see the additional photos below!) took a two week trip to Indonesia. They spent the first ten days surfing and the remainder of the trip climbing Mount Rinjani, adjacent to Lake Segara Anak, to see the volcano there (photoed below).

And of course, they did it all in their Vibram Five Fingers — Sprints and KSOs in this case. Here’s Robin’s note on the trip:

Greetings from Sweden!

Here are some pics of V5F-adventures in Lombok Indonesia. In them you see Robin and Erik running with buffalos in the hills of Gerupuk and climbing Mount Rinjani (3726m) where the beautiful Lake Segara Anak(2000m) is. When climbing the mountain we walked in V5F for 24h in a 50h period. The shoes were wonderful for hiking, wouldn’t want to wear any other shoes, but our feet got quite sore after all the walking. Amazing nature, check out the lake in google earth, it’s absolutely out of this world beautiful. Also the shoes are great for surfing, much better than the camel toe surf boots which are commonly used. We love the shoes and can’t wait to run Stockholm Marathon in the Bikilas.

I took Robin’s advice and checked out the Lake on Google Maps. Amazing to see the reflecting mountains on the lake via satellite. Incredible!

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Below are more photos from Robin and Erik’s trip. Looks like quite a Five Fingers adventure! Anyone else want to go to Indonesia now?

Photos of Robin and Erik gallivanting about Indonesia in their Vibram Five Fingers

Photos of Lake Segara Anak and Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

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Dude, those pictures look awesome! I am Indonesian, and it’s friggin’ hard to get a pair here.. Can anyone help?

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