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Run Free Barefoot Tattoo

I got a little over weight in the last 10 years in fact i never played any sports except a little baseball when i was young.

In fall of 2010 i decided that i needed to change. Surrounded by fast food and eating unhealthy i decided it was time to chan…

I got the photo above from Michael, a reader from Quebec, Canada, who underwent a pretty impressive lifestyle and diet change losing over a hundred pounds of weight over the past couple years. It’s fantastic to hear these kinds of stories of people completely changing their lives:

I got a little overweight in the last 10 years in fact I never played any sports except a little baseball when I was young.

In fall of 2010, surrounded by fast food and eating unhealthy, I decided it was time to change. I was fed-up wearing XL tshirts and size 48 jeans! I turned to diet and cut out all fast food, sugar, carbs! I ate only fish, veggies, and white meats!

At the time I was working out in a gym and decided to start running on the treadmill. I always hated to run because it would make my shins burn real bad. Keep in mind I believe I weighed almost 300 lbs (That’s kind of large for a guy who is 5’6).

Anyhow I first started running on the treadmill with shoes and slowly week after week I lost weight. My mother works at McGill University — and works with a marathon runner. He trains with the McGill running team, so I asked if he could give me some pointers! He told me he ran barefoot on the track, so I investigated barefoot running and found so much info on the web about barefoot and minimalist running that I decided to give it a try!

[I got my first pair of Bikilas in late 2010 and in] January 2011 I decided to weigh myself for the first time ever! 243 lbs! I continued my hardcore eating regime fueled by Cytomax and protein shakes! Early spring I started clicking in the kilometers outside! All summer I ran, I ran, I ran! Fall came and I ran. I still had my gym pass but who wants to run on a treadmill after running in fresh air? When Winter rolled around I continued my run back in the gym.

[Then] January 1, 2012… 140lbs!

I’ve tried to run with shoes but it just doesn’t work out (I’ve tried all kinds!).

Five fingers may have saved my life [so] I wanted to get a tattoo that will remind me of the pain sweat and tears it took me to reverse 10 years of damage! Ive been a huge fan of your site and read many articles and out helped me very much in my journey so I decided to permanently put the logo on me! Thanks for all the great reviews and articles!

Way to go, Michael! I think you’re owed all the credit for your efforts here — and I’m honored to see the birthdayshoes logo associated with your success.

Thanks for sharing!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

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Great job man! Coming from someone that has lost 150lbs i know how hard it is, keep up the good work!!

Congratulations Barefoot Bro! Keep up the hard work and know that you’re an inspiration to many (me included)!

Great story Justin! I had a very similar experience, pushing 300lbs and starting a caveman diet with daily running in Vibrams. Lost 80lbs in 9 months and maintaining for a year. Need to shed anther 25! Wonder how many more of us are out there?

Great to hear success stories! i haven’t had to lose such weight, but i am glad to hear your story and get a better appreciation for the type of person it takes to undertake and succeed at such a challenge.

keep it up! and i wish the same success for others in the same boat!

I was a runner back in my 20’s. Then life happened and I gained 120lbs and I found myself morbidly obese at age 50. I started running this march and along with my healthy eating plan, I have lost 70lbs so far. I totally love my Komodosport LS’s and wear them as often as I can. I only run in minimalist shoes now. I am working hard towards a half marathon, and when I do run my first full Marathon, I will celebrate with the same tattoo! Love it!!! 🙂

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