Comment from: Jesse [Visitor]  

Nice one! Dancing is one thing I haven't tried yet...maybe because I don't dance...oh well.

I find that pronouncing it correctly just confuses people. I used to sell footwear for a large outdoor retailer based here in Seattle (you know the one) and found even co-workers who had been through the same clinics still said it with an American accent!

07/23/09 @ 14:38
Comment from: [Member]

I find it confusing, too. So I usually revert to the Americanized version. No need to confuse people. It's a made up word anyway (combination of Vitale and Bramani, the Italian founder's name was Vitale Bramani).

07/23/09 @ 14:43
Comment from: Tim Ardan [Visitor]
Tim Ardan

Ok, "Veeebram"... got it. I've been wondering about this since I got the shoes. The guy at the store didn't know either. Now I know!

01/19/10 @ 14:43

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