Got a couple pictures in the mailbag from Sarah. What’s great about her “birthday shoe shots” is that they speak to just all the different types of things you can do in your “veebram”* five fingers, including putt-putt or dancing at a wedding reception. Here’s what Sarah had to say:

Just thought I would share 2 photos with you. The first is from my sisters wedding that occurred on July 11th. Even though I wore silver shoes for the wedding and bought some dr. scholls silver slippers that were on sale, my vibram’s were calling my name half way through the reception so I put them on. Let me tell you, they are awesome to dance in. I wanted to wear them for the wedding but couldn’t since they weren’t silver.

The second picture is of my brother and I at a putt putt course. Once he saw my shoes he wanted to try some on, luckily we have a store right in our town that carries them. So now we can both be cool together. ^_^ He delivers pizza and isn’t able to wear them on the job since they are supposed to where tennis shoes, and he told me how sad he is when he has to wear “normal” shoes since he can’t feel the ground with his toes.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Maybe Vibram will eventually come out with some bling-ed out silver or gold VFFs with a few rhinestones for extra sparkle. Or maybe some patent leather wing tip fivefingers for the guys. Does kangaroo leather come in shiny black?

* That’s the phonetic spelling. Most of us think “V-eye-bram” like “vibrate” but this is an Italian company, so if you want to sound sophisticated, say it, “veeeeebram;” I flip-flop and often say it both ways. It’s confusing!