Comment from: Brian [Visitor]

Excited to try these. I've been wearing Unshoes, which are great, but like the more polished look of the Sensori Ventures. I'm guessing the heel cup is the big question mark people will have. Does it really reduce slippage, add stability? Or is it mostly a design feature? Looking forward to the full review.

10/23/13 @ 12:27
Comment from: Danny C [Visitor]  
Danny C

I am so looking forward to getting a pair! When Steve Sashen came out with his original line they mirrored the shoes I'd been tinkering around with making on my own. After wearing his Xeros for a year now, the wheels in my mind had been thinking of ways to improve his design and true-to-form Steve is one (bare) step ahead again. I love the way these new huaraches look and am sure all the changes will be positive.

10/23/13 @ 12:52
Comment from: Aaron R. [Visitor]
Aaron R.

I love the new design, and I hope it functions as well as it seems it might.

My biggest concern with the design (as with all huaraches) is whether the laces will slip while running or walking in them. I seem to get slippage with Luna ATS laces no matter how tight I get them.

In your limited experience, have you had any lace loosening with the new Xero Shoes system?

Thanks for another great review.

10/23/13 @ 13:23
Comment from: Ron Stamm [Visitor]  
Ron Stamm

Thank you guys for continuing to post awesome detailed reviews on all of these minimalist products! I would love to try to pair of these shoes, but would especially love a free pair. Either way. I am saving up my pennies! -Ron

10/23/13 @ 15:26
Comment from: simple ninja [Visitor]
simple ninja

wow, these look hideous. I'd try Bedrocks or Lunas before settling on these guys...

10/23/13 @ 15:45
Comment from: snap crackle n pop! [Visitor]
snap crackle n pop!

Man oh man these are lookin' mighty fine!
If only temperatures weren't sub-50 degrees and dropping, I'd be all over these!

10/23/13 @ 17:58
Comment from: Chris Lewis [Visitor]  
Chris Lewis

Wow! Now these look like the perfect "non" running shoe you could ever imagine! I've struggled in - and out - of 5 toe thingumy shoes far too long and just want that bit more protection than being straight barefoot. These look like THE answer! Gosh, I could go HOT PINK, but like the idea of some "glow in the dark" - darn it - why not have a pair of each colour!?!?
Seriously, you look like you've thought long and hard about this design - let's have lots of comments for lots of discount - then we can all promote them - around the planet!! Here's a willing ambassador from the UK - yes please! :-)

10/23/13 @ 18:10
Comment from: Mike H [Visitor]
Mike H

Curse you,'re costing me another pair of Xeroshoes sandals.

When I get the money,I'm most likely going to order a pair of these new Ventures.

10/24/13 @ 01:21
Comment from: Jack Sims [Visitor]  
Jack Sims

Those look like some awesome sandals. I would love to try a pair

10/24/13 @ 07:44
Comment from: christine [Visitor]

Dude, they look like a perfect fit on your feet!

10/24/13 @ 13:27
Comment from: Rudy [Visitor]

Yup, one pair of these is coming to the Netherlands...

10/24/13 @ 17:07
Comment from: Clay [Visitor]

I got mine in the mail yesterday. They look great and feel good.
My only complaint is that I loosened the ladder adjustments as far out as they would go and the laces still feel a bit tight. I'm hoping they loosen up with some wear time, but it did seem odd that the length is perfect, but I can't loosen up the straps more once you hit the end anchor.

10/29/13 @ 11:26
Comment from: Shannon [Visitor]

I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the appearance of these. While they do look more finished than some other huaraches, I don't think they hold a candle to a pair of Lunas with the leather footbed. Of course, I know appearance isn't everything, but I'm a die hard Luna fan so it would take something pretty impressive to get me to change to a different sandal. (I do have to say that the price of these is much nicer, though!)

10/29/13 @ 15:31
Comment from: Colin [Visitor]

After two days of running with these, I have some thoughts.

First, the positive: the new lacing system, toe post, and Achilles guard all work fantastically. All the usual abrasions I get from running in huaraches are non-extant as I run in these. Additionally, while it does take time to "dial-in" the fit, once you get it right it really is hard to budge. They are not as easy to adjust on the fly as I had hoped, but I do not mind the change. Finally, due to the softness of the cord I can tie these on a bit more tightly, and this makes me more confident when sprinting, climbing, or practicing parkour.

Now, the negative: I am not a fan of the new soles. The heel cup actually is not as weighty as I expected it to be, but it does still add some considerable heft. For comparison, a pair of leather KSO VFFs weigh less than the sensori ventures, and that is surprising, although it does not kill the shoe for me. What DOES create considerable problems for me is the fact that they seem to have changed the shape of the sole, making it narrower at the toes. My first pair of xeroshoes fit almost perfectly, requiring only a few attempts to get the hole placement right. These readymade SVs are the same length as my originals, but my pinky and second-to-last toe hang over the edge, and this is hugely problematic when I run. I have wide feet, and my toes naturally fan; when I am running and my feet swell, the effect is even greater. The old style soles could handle this; the new ones cannot. As a result, the shoes are unusable for me for running (although I can walk in them with care).

Now, I was hugely bummed about this, seeing as I really like the new lacing setup and it set me back 40 USD, but then I had the idea to transfer the new lacing onto the old sole. A few hours of shoe surgery and reverse engineering later gave me what I wanted: more forgiving laces on a more accommodating sole. Brilliant, and the toe post lump is not even noticeable, especially compared to the old knots. I have now run in my Franken-sandals twice and I love them. My advice to Xeroshoes: give as a DIY option for the SVs, or else make sure to provide quality custom-make opportunities. I can do without your changes to the sole, but the new lacing is a must-have for folks like me who want to get the most out of their running sandals. Light, comfortable, and wide-foot-friendly.

10/30/13 @ 15:20
Comment from: Steven Sashen [Visitor]
Steven Sashen

Clay... we made the laces so they SHOULD be long enough to handle people with "high-volume" feet... if they're not long enough for you, give us a call and we'll take care of it.

10/30/13 @ 18:03
Comment from: Steven Sashen [Visitor]
Steven Sashen

Colin, thanks for your well-considered feedback!

You're right, we did, in fact narrow these by 2.5mm compared to our DIY kits. The reason? We made the kits to fit 99% of all people, which made them TOO wide for a significant portion. This isn't a problem with the kit, since you just cut them down. But with a product going to retail, which the Sensori Venture is, we needed to have a better fit for more people (who aren't likely to do any trimming), which is why they're a bit narrower.

The weight issue is an interesting one as well. These actually weigh the same as our 6mm Contact kits. I can imagine that, for certain sizes, that would make the 6mm Contact or the Sensori Venture a *bit* heavier than some VFFs... but then again, the VFF sole isn't guaranteed for 5,000 miles ;-)

We are, in fact, looking to have an "SV Pack" that you can use to take a kit and combine it with the Sensori lacing system... the only thing I didn't know yet: How does the bottom of the toe post work with the 4mm Connect soles? You say it's fine. GREAT to know. I'm still waiting for a few more bits of feedback about that. Oh, and then we have to actually GET all the components from our factory.

You'll have to send me pics of what you've done! I want to have a whole "Xero Hacking" page on our site and you can be at the top ;-)

10/30/13 @ 18:43
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]  

I received my ventures a few days ago, and they fit pretty well out of the box. I had to tweak anyway, and I think all I did was get them back close to where they were when I received them. Today was the first true test for the sandals, a day hike. The past 3+ years I have done all my hiking in VFFs, and have enjoyed them a lot. For me the one major downside if the VFF is they are not rugged. My first pair did not last very long. My next few pairs have been KSO treks. I need to reinforce between the toes to keep them from wearing out here. This works, or should I say it delays the rest of the shoe breaking down. 250 miles or so and they are toast. Not a lot of miles for the $$, but I do like them.

Now enter the Venture. Today I hiked 8 miles, with 2800 feet elevation gain and loss. Going up was fantastic. I got maybe 1 pebble between my foot and shoe that I had to shake a bit to get out. I wondered all the way up how down would be, as that is always harder. The first 2 miles down I got several more pebbles between the sole and my foot, but other than being a bit annoying no big deal. What was more of a big deal was the rubbing of dirt/dust between my toes and between the sole and my foot. By the end of the first 2 miles do down my feet were beginning to get a bit tender. Again, more of a minor annoyance than anything. Those 2 miles of trail are pretty descent, but plenty of small rocks/dirt balls and dust on the trail. The last two miles are beneath trees, and my feet welcomed the change of scenery. No more pebbles, but for the last two miles my heel cords slipped down multiple times on both feet. After a minor adjustment of the sliding know in front, this greatly reduced the sliding of the heel cords.

Probably hiking 8 miles the first time in sandals was a bit much to ask for my feet. All in all I really like the sandals, and would wear them again on a long day hike in a heartbeat. The cost, fit, weight, traction, and freedom are great. I will have to see if I can do my ultimate goal with these sandals, multi-day backpacking trips. I will certainly trial them on some overnight trips before a multiday. If nothing else they would make great lightweight camp shoes as well.

One other pleasent surprise with the Ventures is when I wear my KSO I invariably kick something with my left big toe. That did not happend today, I think only once did I manage to drag my foot such that I flopped over the front of one sandal. I was pretty impressed with that aspect of the sandal as well. Get a pair and try them for yourself, they are nice sandals.

11/02/13 @ 23:06
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]

I will add that I was wearing my ventures as well as my standard kit the next day with no issues, so my tender feet did not persist past the day of initial use, that being extreme use.

11/04/13 @ 21:05
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

Can't wait they will be great for the whole family.

11/30/13 @ 09:02
Comment from: Dale [Visitor]  

A friend and I bought these at your corporate headquarters, which proved to be the best thing we could have done as we both would have ordered the wrong size. The sales lady was very helpful in choosing the right product & size that works for us. It just a bit of time to adjust the lacing fit just right, but once you get it there, they stick like glue to your feet, very comfortable to run in. I have now run over 60 miles in around 3 weeks of getting them, with the longest run being 10 miles. I have no complaints about the ventures. I did get a minor blister on my big toe were the second toe like pinches the soft tissue for my big toe, but I get that even when I ran barefoot & is not anything the shoe is causing. I have run on many different surfaces, gravel, grass, ash-fault & concrete, with no problems. Uphill & downhill didnt seem to be any problem either, though I can't comment on extra steep hills.

One thing I did notice though as Colin has eluded to in an earlier review is that I have very wide feet and my pinky toe now & then is not always on the sole when running. As I stated earlier I have run barefoot before, so not that big of an issue for me, but others it could be a problem.

One other thing that I might add is if you are not used to wearing this type of minimalist shoe, break in to wearing them slowly.

All in all I look forward to wearing out the soles. The next best thing to barefoot!

07/18/15 @ 00:47

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