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Shawn Shuffleboardin’ in his White/Blue Vibram Five Finger Classics

Vibram Five Fingers fan Shawn plays shuffleboard on a cruise in the Caribbean while wearing his Classic Vibrams. For nicer dinners, he just wore a black suit with his black KSOs!

This morning I got a photo from Shawn who is showing off his Vibram Five Fingers Classics shoes while playing shuffleboard on a cruise ship. Shawn writes:

In this photo I’m wearing a pair of white blue classics. We were playing shuffleboard while on a 12 day Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbeans The Explorer of the Seas. While on that trip I wore fivefingers all the time (except dinner, although I could have worn my black KSO’s with a suit, haha).

The black Vibram Five Fingers KSO/suit combo is one to add to the list of things to try! Shawn has also joined the facebook birthday shoes group.

Remember, if you have photos of you in your VFFs, send them in!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

3 replies on “Shawn Shuffleboardin’ in his White/Blue Vibram Five Finger Classics”

Are these Vibram’s (“white blue classics”) only for women? If not, can you please supply a link for men…

Dustin — unfortunately, they have been discontinued. So there may still be a few random pairs out there in some oddball store’s inventory, but it will not be easy to find them!

Why VFFs in this color were discontinued? because they showed dirt too quickly?
If I were a knock-off VFFs manufacturer I would produce shoes in those tones and those models (e.g., Surge and Cortina) Vibram is not willing to sell.
These products would appeal some of FiveFingers enthusiasts. Another possible product could be fake VFFs for children in discreet colors such as brown and black, and without showy labels.
I’m not supporting counterfeiting, but I think that Vibram is clearly neglecting a significant fraction of FiveFingers potential market.

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